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August 12, 2016

It's the sport video by Katy Perry "RISE" with Spanish subtitles for those who are learning both English and Spanish :)

June 8, 2012

The Dream of Claire

It had been at nightfall when Claire had lain down on her bed crying, as usual, due to an argument broke out in the lobby over dinner. She was already fed up with her parents’ arguments over nonsense every time her dad came home drunk. She had slammed the door with an echo behind when she pushed it with fury and slumped easily on her bed, deep in thoughts on the fight which had just burst.

The girl struggled to put down the overwhelming crying but it was in vain so she sat up again and stuck her face to the window glass, gazing to the dark, mournful and empty sight Kent Street displayed. The shouts downstairs in the lobby echoed on the walls that even vibrated. Willful, she continued looking through the window, though there was nobody around due to the gelid breeze that spread along the desert city. For a moment or so, she felt as if her heart were to part with her body as her breathing became less regular as if it was missing air. Her feet did not hold and next she sank on her bed again, her body inert as a corpse.

She woke up startled by blow and she was not already her room. The girl looked around puzzled as if it was a nightmare and examined every corner in the forest where she was now, looking for any signal. ANYTHING WOULD HELP. But no one was there, not even the trace of a wild animal in search for its prey. She kept peering around the forest but there was nothing at sight that could reveal her exact location. Her toes numb with cold and hard as ice hindered she could take another step ahead and realized she was utterly naked. Claire looked around to make sure no one was seeing her uncovered body and walked to the nearest tree to collect fallen leaves and cover her body.

‘It´s a nightmare, no doubt’ she told herself firmly.

It was, indeed, because there was no much coherence she would have changed place from one moment to another without realizing; very few seconds ago she’d been slumped in her room breaking crying and she was in a forest she’d never been to and, less likely, how to get there, anyway.

The girl walked several miles away from where she was looking for a logical explanation to that madness but that place seemed to be desert with no trace at all could answer her questions. The mist spread more and more like a toxic gas, from one side to another blocking the girl’s vision.

Ten yards away from her a golden light lit up in circle some bushes which were each one close enough to the next one, nearly stuck. Rather freaked out, Claire ran awkwardly in the opposite direction stumbling over branches that stuck out of a tree. Her right foot was injured and bleeding. The girl sat up quickly from the ground and began to trudge northwards forest, though with the foggy atmosphere was almost impossible to look ahead. Then, she looked back at the golden light which flickered wonderfully since it was the only phenomenon mist allowed to see. To Claire’s surprise the golden light that illuminated the bushes was now gone and the girl thought next it must have been someone with a flashlight, though that golden light did not seem to be artificial.

Aimlessly, the girl ran away again, her heart beating strongly as if she was to have a heart failure. On her run, she stumbled over several logs and invisible things by the fog.  Sat up immediately, and kept running like somebody was after her preparing to hunt.

               << CLAIRE>> << CLAIRE>> << CLAIRE >>

A voice, barely audible to Claire’s ears and sweetly gentle, had whispered three times a word seemed to be her name. Paralyzed with fear, she felt a tough chill in the upper back eagerly went down to the bottom and then froze her toes again.


Claire shook her head and let a sigh out. Next, she could have sworn she felt a freezing hand touch on her shoulder.

<< CLAIRE >> whispered a sweet and singing voice.

The girl turned in the direction of the voice but saw nothing else but fog. Then, she turned to where she was heading to and, fixing looking, saw a young who wearing a white long robe covered his bare feet. His face was an intense pale; his blue eyes were like flashlights and his hair, so neatly combed, was dark blonde that seemed it could illuminate the forest in the middle of the night. Claire gazed at the boy stunned by his beauty as if he had impacted on her with a punch. She could actually not believe that was able to be possible in the world. If perfection existed, it was all about dreams. Only dreams. She looked, deeply, into his eyes and the boy curved his lips into a smile. The voice had come from him.

 ‘Who… who… who…?’ the girl hesitated by the mysterious beauty that involved that strange and beautiful creature. The words came out of her mouth with a logical tangible intensity.

‘No matter whom I am, Claire’ the boy replied. His melodic voice and intense look had stunned the girl, her mind now enraptured. ‘What really matters now is how you really are.’

Claire’s heart turned over. Did he actually refer to who she really was?  What did that young quirky boy mean by that?

‘It was you…you …you who whispered my…my…- The impressive perfection she was gazing at kept her absorbed in a way she had forgotten she was undressed.

‘Claire, of course I know your name. I know more than you think I do’ replied the boy with a soft peaceful voice. That whisper was too unusual to look like something genuine within the human world.

‘But the real thing is if you know who you are and what your mission here is.’

Claire gave a look at the boy’s lips which articulated questions that, to her sane, or so she thought until that moment, were too incoherent to be a real fact. Her heart, that instant, began to beat vehemently so she’d decided to drop that question to go straight to what she’d call “LOGIC”

‘Am I in a dream, aren´t I?’

‘Maybe, if that’s how you want this to be called. Though…If I were you, I would call it something like “I’ve been taken”

‘I don’t get it ‘mumbled Claire confused by everything around her

‘A few seconds ago I was in my room and now….

She stopped even more abstracted than before and took a look around as if she thought she was still in her room surrounded by wild nature.

‘How on earth could I possible get here?  There’s no way I know this place…

‘Claire, I brought you here’ said the boy ‘and I did it because I’ve been commended to do so.’

The girl kept stunned by the melodic voice of the boy. But there was something else even more concerning that kept her mind occupied.  His perfection was irrefutable and absolute. But the mystery the boy set in the atmosphere was too intense that Claire felt as if she’d like to run away or desperate to wake up from a horrible nightmare. She already had the most basic questions to ask…

‘Why? Who commended you bring me here? Who are you? Where am I?’

‘Calm, Claire. You´ll know everything at time’ said the boy reaching out his hand to hers. ‘I need to show you something.’

The warm breeze stroked gently their hair as trees swayed side to side giving off some leaves that fell from their corresponding branches. Mist spread throughout the forest, covering every corner without leaving previous vision behind.

They walked several miles away, hands held until the boy broke step near to what it looked like a cloud.

‘We’re there, Claire’ said the boy.

‘What is this?’ Claire asked incredulously. It was too obvious she knew what it exactly was; but indeed, she needed to hear that sweet and extravagant voice confirm it.

‘Come get on it, Claire.’

The young boy sat on a floating cloud gazing at the girl whose face looked still more stunned that displayed an expression cold and senseless.

‘Come take my hand’ he insisted again. ‘There´s something you need to see.’

Claire hesitated for a moment but the boy’s voice came so perfect that it was like she’d been hypnotized; in fact, she could not have refused if that would have been her will, though she was inviting by a strange to come on a floating cloud. So, she grabbed the boy´s hand and sat on the cloud. The floating cloud, hanging a few inches from the ground, began to rise with gentle slowness. When they reached one hundred meters up from the ground, Claire noticed darkness had vanished as if it had been by magic. Now, the bright sunlight rose above them illuminating the scene missing behind what it had been night at all. The breeze was now even warmer and tenderly caressed their neatly well-done style.

‘Well, it´s here’ announced the boy.

‘Blimey! I can´t believe my eyes. This looks like a fairy tale. We changed places but….but….

‘but ….’ The boy asked.

‘I don´t know who you are. Will you tell me or shall I be afraid of a possible murder?’

The boy let out a giggle and took one hand to the girl’s red cheek.

‘If I tell you, you will not believe it.’

Claire doubted a second and then added:

‘Tell me and we’ll find out if your theory´s right. Besides, you haven´t told me how is that you….

The girl stood quiet still, lost in thought as she were catching up with the idea she was not dreaming but going through some kind of anomaly.

‘How you found out my name?’

‘You still have not noticed, have you?’ The boy asked incredulously.

‘So for you it must be usual to meet some guy, dressed utterly in white and strange looking, who invites you to take a ride on a floating cloud…’

Claire raised an eyebrow.

‘You´re some kind of spirit or wizard, aren’t you?’

The boy perceived the irony in her tone but, instead, just smiled gently displaying his white neat teeth.

‘Too close’ He said.

The girl’s heart gave a jump which, instantaneously, began to beat more irregular. Now she knew there was nothing she could apply to affirm that was an absolute dream or to the idea she was going mad; instead, it was something too unusual but real that, in living the world, she would be treated like a freak if she came to the idea of revealing her currently transition.  Nor telling a stranger dressed in white and barefoot would help either; still more unlikely if that stranger´s identity wasn´t revealed.

‘I might’ve been a bit excited five minutes ago, really’ said the girl ‘but this wonderful thing ain´t fun anymore.’

The boy giggled.

‘Yes, Claire. I am an angel. And I was sent to you because we needed you to see something for yourself. You’ll soon find out what this is all about’ the angel assured, his voice sweeter as usual.’

‘I´ll take you back into the past. Not too long before you were born.’

Next, a bright colorful circle broke open in the scene.

‘Follow me, Claire’ the angel ordered. ‘We go through it.’

Claire felt a chilly sensation running down her back as she was to cross the circle, so eccentric to her eyes. A strong gust of wind blew over her hair, unkempt now. She felt nauseous as she was to faint. The faint sensation hindered her eyes to see ahead; maybe it was due to the rainbow of colors which revolved slowly in the circle.

‘Keep calm, Claire’ The angel said ‘don´t let go my hand.’

Claire´s heart became more irregular in response. They were going back in time and the girl kept feeling a tingling sensation in her stomach as if she was about to vomit; her balance was already too weak that barely could remain standing.

‘Now, I want you to focus on the scene you´re going to see.’

Claire shook her hands nervously. The trembling weakened her balance as her skin froze still like ice and her hands cold as snow. Next, she began to barely see what was going around and could not believe it. Her heart nearly failed.

She was now seeing a young couple hugging and giggling at a playground. Claire had never seen a young couple so amazingly and unbelievably happy in her entire life. The couple irradiated a bright happiness nearly tangible that anyone around could have felt it.  The two ones were sitting on a bench when the young girl, Claire was contemplating, jumped off the seat and began to run around the playground. Her fiancé ran after her with no difficulty in catching up with her. He hugged her from behind, both smiling happily.

‘Any idea of who they are?’ the angel inquired.

‘Mom and Dad’ Claire said mopping up her eyes. Her response was firm, rather tough, though.’

‘That’s correct. Now, I need you to pay crucial attention to what’s coming next.’

Claire saw in the scene the girl had turned to her fiancé when he took out something from the deep of his pocket.

‘Dawn, honey. Would you do the extraordinary honor of marrying me?’

The boy displayed a golden ring with a diamond in the center, the shape of a beautiful blue heart. The girl’s face was illuminated in happiness. Claire broke crying again.

‘Yes, Alex. I would’ the girl said ‘you don´t have a clue of how long I´ve been longing for this moment to come.’

Then, the scene turned dimly illuminated and fuzzy and then another one set in the center not far from where Claire and the angel were, but different to the previous. Now the young, happy and unbreakable couple Claire had seen was now upset; both the boy and his fiancée were sitting on the steps of a church near Middletown. Her parents’ faces looked tense. Her mom’s was even more intense than her father’s. It was obvious the girl had something to tell her husband; she had her eyes puffy and full of teardrops. But deep inside, it seemed, she hosted a trace of fear and horror to how her husband might react at such abomination.

‘Alex, I know you didn’t want this to happen but it already did’ The girl spoke fast and barely audible.’

‘Well, say it now. You’re making it so intriguing.’

‘Alex, this is serious. I…I…DID….DID….DID…DIDN…DIDN…DIDN´T MEAN IT….

Dawn’s voice was weak and breathless. The crying hindered what she wanted to tell her husband, though what he could only perceive were loud sobs.

‘I think I’m getting a clue of what’s going on, Claire. You’d better let it out’ Alex yelled, his teeth gritted.

‘I will, Alex. I swear I will….

The crying sobs had turned the atmosphere of what could have just been happiness into a nightmare. The worst ever Alex could have had.

‘I will tell you if you…if you….if you only….only…only..

‘Stop sobbing, Dawn and tell me what the hell this is about’.

The boy shook her wife as if he was to beat her up.

‘You got to promise me you will never leave for this’ the girl said still sobbing.’

‘Oh, Dawn. Don´t come tell me you did…you did….you did this!

‘Dawn, you damned stupid’ he continued ‘How could you be that idiot to let this happen, you moron.’

Alex’s offensive words vibrated on the steps of the church they had just got from, the bride dressed in white but now broken and caught in the most awkward situation. Passers-by, however, didn´t seem to be paying much attention to the reason the bribe could have been crying. They watched Dawn and Alex. The disapproving in their looks was quite obvious, judging the couple´s behavior.

‘I´m so sorry, Alex’ Dawn begged ‘Not just my fault.’

‘Shut up, BITCH’ her husband interrupted ‘I was clear enough to tell you to take precautions. So fool I’ve been in believing you, you big piece of…

They made a long and awkward pause. Then, Alex went on:

‘Well. Guess you know what we’ll do next, don’t you?

Dawn looked up at his husband, her face pale and horrified as if she’d heard someone’s been sentenced to death.

‘No!’ The girl snapped. ‘I will not do such atrocity.’

‘You´ll have to get rid of that thing inside you, idiot, before I make you spit it out through your mouth like vomit’ Alex yelled ‘I didn’t fucking ask you to bring that into the world to screw my-now-fucked-up-life. I was clear when I told you if we marry, we wouldn’t have kids.’

‘Alex, stop it! Do not yell at me. We’re in public. People are seeing us, please. Don’t do this.’

‘I don’t care about the damned people, you hear me. You’ll do exactly what I say and how I say and I’ll take you to visit a friend to take that out from your inside, my dear. You hear me. That’s my final word.’

‘You don’t want our child, you don’t want ME. Then, we just got married but I dare to divorce you if you don’t change your mind.’

The girl cried inconsolably, hands on her chest.

‘You’ll have to give it to me, then, Alex.’

Her husband broke laughing as if he had just heard a very good joke. Dawn kept sobbing; her intensity was noticeable on her red cheeks.

‘You gotta be kidding me, my dear love. Think you’ll really see me brought down, Dawn. I won’t give you the damned divorce because I’m already stuck to you when I married you and I won´t be in the people gossip for marrying a whore like you.’

‘If you touch my baby…’ Dawn shot threat ‘I swear I’ll kill you.’

‘I said, Dawn’ Alex interjected Dawn ‘Nothing to do about, my dear.’

Then, the scene became blurred again and next another one took place. The place now was familiar; the scene made clearer and a baby-crying came from one of the rooms whose walls now resounded and even trembled.

‘Go shut that damned kid’ Alex shouted one night when the baby woke at four in the morning.

Claire’s heart beat with such intensity as if it was to fall apart from her body. She felt how sadness and pain took over her body and mind by each word Claire’s father raved against his little daughter. In the scene, Claire could see herself as baby.

Now she bore the reason his father never had shown the tiniest and not even the more miserable drip of love to her since she had been born. The scene began to overwhelm her.

The angel showed Claire several more scenes as chaotic as the ones they have already been through.

‘Now you get it, don´t you? The angel asked, hope was reflected on his pale and immaculate face. His eyes now were an intense blue and peaceful. His expression irradiated sadness and happiness at the same time.

‘Guess I do’ said Claire, her voice broken by sadness.

‘My parents were, well were happy until….until….I was born?’

Her sentence actually became more a question than statement.

‘I see why my dad has always hated me. I understand WHY’ Claire went on.

‘He always took me not as you daughter but a monster. Now I see why.

‘Claire, I should tell you not to cry. But I would do the same if I were you. So relieved mankind can feel, so much peace man can find by crying. Do it, Claire. Cry and don’t let your sadness takes over you forever.’

The angel stroked Claire’s cheek gently, though it was part visible and part invisible coming from a spirit.

‘Claire, this truth was something you very well deserved to know.’

‘Dad drinks since I have memory. Wonder myself if he had that stupid habit or just took up drinking in honor to my existence’

‘Indeed, Claire.’

The peaceful face of the angel showed some pity for the girl he had been sharing memories, old memories with. However, it was like he had to follow a mission that involved Claire.

‘Your father always had the habit to drink. But it got stronger when your mother gave birth and he didn’t want a kid. That’s been his plan since he was a child and started dreaming about marrying but not having any kids. Your mother, however, was the only capable of challenging your dad and fight for you and your life. But she also had to suffer and learnt how to deal with your father. She couldn’t leave him because of you, Claire. She did not want her daughter to grow without a father. She sacrificed for you and kept you safe. With no kind of help at all’

The angel made a pause. Claire’s pulse was going more irregular as if she was to faint.

‘Claire, you have to be stronger. You have to overcome this.  You have inherited a mix of love and hate from your parents. But that, Claire, must be over.  Now, you have to end this.’

‘What d’you mean by “End this”? Claire snapped.

‘Let her go. End the hell your father has caused her.’

Claire sobbed stronger than before and said nothing. There was something she was missing or a part of the speech she was not taking in. Or maybe she was guessing what she should do next. The angel pulled her to himself and Claire leaned on her almost-invisible chest. At that time, she had felt a sensation of intense happiness and fury for what she had just seen. The happiness was more motivated by the comforting feeling of being hugged by someone and feel loved. The fury appeared on her face when she thought of her father.

‘Time to go, Claire.’

Then, the floating cloud reappeared and both of them came on it.

When they got to destination, the angel went away a few yards apart from where Claire was now. Ruefully for such attitude, the girl gazed at the angel as he moved gradually away. Then, having been moving away enough from the girl, the boy said:

‘Would you like to leave it?’

‘What?’ Claire asked stunned.

‘Wouldn’t you like to put an end to this, Claire? I mean your unhappiness.

There was no response. There was a brief silence in which they looked at each other, the girl confused and weak-balanced.

Should her quit her life forever and allowed that strange boy, dressed like an angel took her beyond? Or just stay and see how her father´s attacks harmed the family circle. For a moment, she felt selfish in leaving her mother. But on the other hand she thought “destiny is made for everyone”, though it was pretty obvious her mother would suffer her absence.  But she only found fragile motivations to stay with her parents. Was she a coward? Or it was just what fate had prepared for her?

‘May I ever bring her to me?’

‘One day.'

                           ONE HOUR LATER

Claire´s parent’s house was now easy. The noise of shattered objects and yells had already ceased. Looking extremely concerned, Dawn ran upstairs heading straight to her daughter´s room.


A crying of horror shook the entire house when Dawn had noticed the window was shattered in tiny pieces. Claire was gone. Dawn had a hunch but feared it could be what she was thinking of. Then, she approached to the window and nearby there was a note that read;






         SORRY, AGAIN.



‘Claire, what did you do?’

Her mother took a hand to the mouth and, deeply scared, leaned enough to look out the window. Dawn let out a screaming when she saw on the ground, laid inert, Claire´s dead body.

                                                   Written by A.R Meyer.

visit: http://theinsidereading.blogspot.com.ar/

June 6, 2012

Tonight I sit to write
To write my tears and sorrows.
To say the way I love you,
To write to write to cry.

My life is now dark
My soul is ill and we are apart.
My eyes cry and I shout.
My words are silences you will never hear.

My life is now dark
I love you and you cannot hear it.
I love you and you cannot feel it.
Tonight I sit to write I love you.

You are the one, yes.
My sorrow grabs me
And I drown in loneliness.
You are gone, gone, gone
There is no you nor hapiness.


"There cannot be dark if there's love. Because LOVE is the brightest light that makes our life shine"

TAKEN FROM http://theinsidereading.blogspot.com.ar/