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My soul


Palestinian Territory, Occupied

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April 4, 2012

In the passed week , before I start my tests I read this novel that I borrowed it  from the library . It's " Oliver Twist " for Charles Dickens , it's a social novel talk about orphans homeless boy and talk about his suffering for a long time . he exposure to death more once . Tells the story of "Oliver Twist" for this little boy that his mother died immediately after birth. The doctor noted that the mother does not wear a wedding ring , so he thought that this child adultery child . However, this impression was just a hasty judgment on the young child, where the habit of Charles Dickens mystery briefing about his novels. His father died after he was born several months. very much enjoyed reading this novel , I love so much the story that have suffering , death , sadness . despite i love the sad ending , but her the story end by a happy ending where the right to win Falsehood lose .

I give it 8\10 . 

07:22 AM Jun 05 2013



to be honest, in real life, not the best and brave will win

Mostly, the beast s and devils are the winner.

I work on a social project in brazil, in a slum or FAVELA in Portugese

The violences, I have seen there, incredible,

the hunger.............. awful

but, those, who don t have much

they will always share what they have

good luck to you

and your life