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French Southern Territories

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July 27, 2010

Once upon a time in a battle,there were three injured warriors down,one saw them and they were asking for water because they were very thirsty.But he has only a few water in his bottle and he gave it to the first man,but the man refused and told him to pass it to the other man because he needed it more,he gave the water to the second man but he did not drink and asked the man to pass it to the other man beside him,and he moved to the third man to give him the water but he ferused and told him my friend is in a greater need than me give it to him first.

The man went back to the first man but he found him dead then he took the water to the second and also he was dead,when he took thewater to the third,he was dead too,and the water rested in the bottle,and the three great warriors died to go to heaven for their great moral which is ALTRUISM 

04:10 AM Aug 16 2010


i heard this model stroy before but the truth is in our days rarly u found such friends ..

July 27, 2010

Today,we're living in a world whe're everything is high untill we could reach the fiction of "I can touch the sky"

Humanbeings indeed touched the sky,and they even went beyond that to the moon,but what about a beggar still leaning against his wall all the day seeking lifebread from passers ?

What about a bird who couldn't find a tree to put on his nest ?


What about our real humanity ?

Is it now just something to tell our children in stories before sleeping ?

We're just going on with the speed of sound,but when the TRUTH will face us,certainly we'll stricke and smach against it with nothing to prevent that

All these little neglected details are the things that will bring our tragic end