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the Weather of my soul

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Russian Federation

May 13, 2007

Today I'm going to insert pictures in my blog. I tried once do it, but I couldn't.

  1. I click on  button near Smile :
  2. Then select URL http://picasaweb.google.com/Ivan.A.Zuev/2007/photo#5059853530185147826
  3. Enter description '22 may 2007'
  4. Alignment - middle
  5. Dimension (real size 1280x1024): 320x240
  6. Border 2
  7. Vertical space (what does it mean?): 1
  8. Horizontal space (???): 1
  9. Then press Insert

22 may 2007I don't see the picture. And you?

How insert photos in my blog?


Help me! :)))) 

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View all entries from the Weather of my soul >

08:39 PM Jul 01 2007



i think when you want to link a picture, you need to insert image location. At least that is what it's called for my U.S. language system. The image location of a picture is different from the url of a web page where the photo is in. 

I usually Right click on the image I want to post and select "copy image location" in the drop down menu. I paste that copied image location into the url field. 

hope this helps...