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January 17, 2009

Hi, guys! How are you?

Now, I'm in a 4months vacation! It means NO school!!!! At first, I thought Ican do anthing as much as I want. I wanted to go some trips. Now I think, however, first of all, I should get a job. I'm really broke! Here's a big problem... Ooooh, my gush! LOL

Do you guys have a part time job? and in your country, what is popular as a part time job?

By the way, do you know, "Harry Potter"?Is it famous in your country? Actually, I love it. Haha. Yesterday, I watched it on the TV. I think it was 4th one. It was awesome! I can't wait next movie!!!! What kind of movies does everyone like?

Thank you, and see ya!



10:00 PM Jan 18 2009



Thanks for accepted my invitation! I wish you can enjoy your vacation.

January 14, 2009

Hi, everyone! I'm just a girl who like English very much. I've recently started Ebaby, so let me introduce myself!!

First, my name is Mari. Bannri is just my nickname when I was a high school student. You can call me either you want.

I'm living in Japan with my dad and mom. I have 2 older sisters, and they are my best friendsSmile But!! They left my home because of a marriage and job....

I really like English very much! I'm sooo happy when I can communicate with someone who lives in other country with using English! You, guys think so, don't you?Cool I think it's my hobby to speak English, and it's also my major.

Last year, I've stayed United states for about 8 months to study English and Ameican culturer. It was sooo precious experiences for me, and I want to share these experiences with you, so I'm gonna attach many pictures which I took in America someday! On 21th of last month, I've arrived in Japan, and I think these days I'm going to be lazy girl a little bit!lol I want to start something new, that's why I've started Ebaby!

I will post my blogs everyday if I can, so please write some comments☆

See you soon!



10:26 PM Jan 14 2009



Dear, betharios

Hi, betharios! Thank you for your leaving a comment. You like Japan? I'm happy to hear that!

I don't think I wear Harajuku style. How about you? Do you like that kind of style?

10:17 PM Jan 14 2009



Dear, joni esre

Nice to meet you too, and thank you for leaving your comments! I want to update my pictures of USA, but I don't know how to do that... lol Hahaha!

09:18 PM Jan 14 2009



hello... I like your country Japan...someday I want to go there...if I could..

do you wear harajuku style? I think that it's really cool... 

09:01 PM Jan 14 2009




i want to go to usa

i will like to know

more about ur travel to

that country

hope u the best!!!!!!

nice to meet u!!!!!