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May 16, 2008

Last week, Sichuan province was surrered from the earthquake. At that very moment, I, live in Guiyang, the capitale of Guizhou province, strongly felt the quake. The building I work in trembled, everyone in the building was called to leave at once without the help of lift. Half hour later news came the influence of quake was from North Sichuan. We were all shocked and showed great concern about the people live there. Days past, the number of dead is up and up to more than 20000, with more news about PLA who are fighting at the front, our premier, and  our president came. Here in Guiyang is full of people who pray, donate. We spent a week without good sleep. Wish the quate-hit areas be recovered soon.

November 11, 2007

   last saturday, the photo-association of our university made up a decision to go out taking pictures. it's rather a long way, the school bus couldn't arrive at the very destination. after about two hours drive, the bus had to leave us at a place from where we had to walk the destination. we didn't image how hard the road is, we have never been there, half the way are covered with all kinds of rocks, steams without bridge. we used all means to go through this journey, sometimes, wo found no way infront, we climbed up and down like monkey. it's really hard, but fun after we saw the destination after three hours walking, we sang, we took pictures, we ate. only by means of painstaking, can we enjoy real happiness.