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Why spanish is a difficult language?

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November 26, 2008

Today I was reading a magazine (The Balcony) and I read a very beautiful and interesting poem, called "Everything, it's the minimal that you can". I like it, and I want to share it with you... For Everyone!!...:

"Eveything, it's the minimal that you can"

"Here we have a problem! The Toltecs were raising that you always should do the maximum thing that you can, in every occasion. That the comprehension of wich the things move permanently, helps to understand that the maximum thing it's not always the same thing.

I, on the other hand, I adehere to this I dont conform, though! A time is strictly between ourselves for everything, a time for the family, a time for the friends, a time for the sport. What generally we forget It's a time for us. The problem is that we're divided in infinity forms: worker, father, sportsman, artist, friend, forgetting to integrate and relate all this functions in us.

To do center in us same, it implies being coherent for what we believe and feel, and in this point we will not be able to stop questioning our origin ... if I have the grace of the faith ... I will be able to understand my image and similarity for with my Father, and in consequence everything what is my inheritance. This one is the angle that I take to say to them that: " Everything, it is the minimal thing that I can ". You and I are equal ... but if you cannot see it yet, do as they were saying the Toltecs: " Do always the maximum thing that you could without reason of any result ". The water will continue passing under the bridge that is the life ... and one day there will stop being distances created fictitiously by the men."

Well, that's the poem. I hope that you have liked it. Think a moment in the moral of this poeam. It has sense?

Bye, and take care!



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