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Trying To Get Head

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January 16, 2008


   I grew up in a very small family . I'm an only child. My mother had one sister who never had children . My father's side of the family is large , but since he left when I was six year old , I never grew up around uncles , aunts and cousins . When Carlin and I got together , I married into a very large family that has gotten together over the years for family reunions. I never understood the value of these reunions  until recently.

     We just got back from a weekend in the Santa Cruz Mountains where our cousin Randy hosted this year's reunion . It was held at the Walden West Outdoor  Science School where Randy volunteers.

      We arrived Friday just as the last group of kids was getting ready to leave .Each year there seem to be more people at the reunion . Each year one of the elders is missing because they didn't want to make the trip or had passed away . Each year there are a few more babies and the youngsters seem to have grow a foot taller.

       More than anything though , each year reminds me how blessed we are to be alive , to live this wonderful country , and to be part of an extended family of friends and relatives . We never do anything spectacular at the reunions. We just eat together , talk ,catch up on our lives , and share our love for each other.

        Carlin and I have five grown children and ten grandchildren . Since they live in different places , it's rare that we are all together in one place at one time . We usually visit them in small groups . This year was no exception . My son was there with his girlfriend . My daughter Angela was there with her three children . For the first time the children's father, Walt joined us .

       That's another interesting thing about family reunions .In this day and ago , we have families that extend in unique ways . Angela and Walt are no longer together . Sometimes the kids are with him , sometimes with her . Yet we're all family and Walt's being at the reunion reminded me how important we all are to each other .

     Randy's wife had a lot of her relatives at this reunion , as she did at the last one  . As we extend outward and pull more of us in , the "family" grows . In some ways we are all part of larger family of human being . Spending time together , reminds me that it is possible for the family of humans to get alone.

      Thank you to all my family for being there . I hope we go on forever .


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07:40 AM Jan 16 2008



What beautiful thoughts.  Thank you.