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November 9, 2008

Somone had choosen or allowed themself to accept my offer of frienship only to within a matter of a day or two decided to not be my friend because they felt betrayed in that they noticed that I have a lot of beautiful and "sexy" girls who are my friends.

Do any of you as well feel this way?  I mean if you feel that I have betrayed you in any way, please tell me.

While it is true that I consider myself very fortunate to know many beautiful people, I would not say that any of them are sexy in the normal text or sense of the word "sexy" - considering symantics.

The following is somewhat how I had responded:

All my friends are just that - they are my friends. And for someone to say something as you did that is so general was not very nice and was very short-sighted.

I would never describe or think of any of my friends as being as you suggest, "sexy." And then too, I guess that it would be a matter of symantics - don't you think?

You can do or  say what you think, but I know who I am. And as far as my feeling gulity of any trickey is really... well not valid. I did not use any trickey to try to solicit your firendship. My friend list was available to you before you accepted my offer.

I consider myself a really good person with honorable intentions. You can use me to learn as well as to allow me to learn from you or you can choose to remain "small or narrow-minded," and run away - the choice is yours as it had been in the beginnig.

One thing that I will agree with you about is that "all" my friends are lovely - both male and female, young and old.

And why you would accept me as a friend only because I am from any part of this world seems, well a bit... Well, you can use any adjective here that you would like or find to be appropriate - you seem well-read enough to find a suitable adjective here so I will leave it to you.

With best hopes no matter what you decide at this point - all is up to you. You can look for reasons or excuses to hate, seeing only that which to you seems bad and ugly or you can choose to be a enlightment to the rest of us and decide to look only for those things that are good and uplifting.

Honorble and respectfuly,


My point of this is not to cause any hurt to anyone, but only to let any of you know that if you too feel that I have betrayed you and you wish to close your friendship with me, I will honor your wish.  I won't be happy about it because again, I invited you to be my friend and not my sex-lover to fullfil or to satisfy any hidden sexual motives of mine.


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