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February 4, 2013


Note: this could apply to any group of students and/or country...

Dear Students,

I would like to share with you a few of my thoughts as they pertain to my having spent three days with you in your English class. First, I want to tell you, I had been extremely impressed with the raw intelligence and natural abilities of each of you. I had seen that each of you had capabilities to succeed that many other students your age do not have. As well, you have the family support that many other students around the world as well as in your own country do not have. I had noticed that all of you were healthy and of comely presentations. I had seen that each of you had possessed what the world could use to make you a benefit for all mankind. I can tell you that the world is waiting for you, and it would be willing to pay you, and to pay you handsomely – if only you would be ready.

However, I had seen something that had caused me great disappointment – you are not ready! In fact, it had seemed to me that you hadn’t even cared to be ready. You seemed all too arrogant within your own comforts. Possibly you are thinking that because you are not having to go to school hungry or that you do not have to worry about having good clothes or that because you live in a fine house with good walls and hard floors that you do not have to do anything to secure your “own” successful future.

Let me suggest that if you continue to let time go by, living with this attitude of “false” security, for it is not real – it won’t last, you will find yourselves living your futures cleaning the dirty toilets of those students who can be and will be “ready.”

Again, you students have all the physical attributes and material necessities that money can afford as well as the mental capacities to be a vital part of your country and of the world.

I would like to one day when I share with my friends from other countries that I am here in your country, to have them tell me how they have met so many wonderful people from this country. I would like for them to tell me that they too wish that they could come and visit this rich and vital country. But sadly enough, as it is today, all I hear from them is such things as, “Why there; why in that country!?" It is so dangerous. The people are uneducated – they are all like peasants. That country is dirty and the people are lazy. I would never want to go to there.” This is what much of the world is saying and thinking now about your county and her people.

I know that what is being said about your country and her people is not true. I know that this country is a rich, beautiful, and world-vital country. Some of my greater friends are from here. So how can so much of the world think so poorly of this country - this country that has become my home? Could it be that of the a few people that others outside of this country have met that this has been what has perceived?

No matter the reasoning why so many people have such harsh or negative feelings for this country and/or for her people is really unimportant. What is important is that you can show and tell the world that they are wrong.

I want each of you to be that person – you can do it. I trust and have confidence in each and every one of you to succeed. All of you have the power and the tools available. One such tool that you have is your English teacher, Mr./Mrs...... He/She cares about each of you. He/She knows that the world is communicating more and more in English – if you will allow him/her, he/she can help prepare you to become a vital part of this community and of the world.

I know you can do it – simply close your mouths of non-constructive blabbing – open wide your ears of learning and then...                 

“Just do it!”  

“…Just succeed.”

Should any of you care for or desire my help, please contact me anytime. I will try and do anything that I can do to help you to become who I know you can become.

With honor and respect,
donny boyd Simonson

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