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January 11, 2011


65 million fast-food meals are eaten in the USA every day.

In 1970, Americans spent about $6 billion on fast food. It is now more than $110 billion a year and this figure continues to rise.

In 1968, McDonald`s had about 1000 restarants. Today it has about 28000 around the world and this number goes up by almost 2000 each year.

Slow tips:

Make your own food. It`s tastier, better for you and you`ll enjoy doing it. Sit down and eat with other people. Don`t eat `on the go` or at your desk.



Over fifty million text messages are sent each day in the UK.

An average office worker deals with forty-six phone calls, twenty-five emails, sixteen voicemails, twenty-three items of post and nine mobile phone calls every day.

Slow tips:

Write one long email instead of three short ones.

Switch your mobile phone off or leave it at home sometimes.



Over 400 million cars are currently used around the world.

London rush-hour traffic drives at an average of thirteen kilometres per hour.

Two out of three people speed up when the traffic lights turn amber.

Slow tips:

Leave your car at home if you can, and walk. Your fitness will improve and you`ll probably get there quicker.

Spend at least twenty minutes a day in a garden or park. Sit, think, look at the trees, talk, read, enjoy the sky.

02:39 PM Jan 11 2011


Syrian Arab Republic

Nice article, thank you so much.

I tried to turn off my mobile for sometime, or let's say a lot of time, and it was really better, cause most of the time we use it to waste time.

And i hope to do so with my pc.

Now I'm gonna try your advice about spending sometime in parks. 



Vielen Dank ;)