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March 20, 2010

Hello my name is Jeffrey from Canada and graduated from the University of New Brunswick majoring in marketing communications.

Bachelor of Business Administration - Marketing Communications Management Major : advanced management, leading organizational change, communication tools and media, business ethics, strategic communication planning, managerial economics, international trade and finance, advanced communications, advanced operations management,

My first job was working with my uncles during my summer and winter school holidays for international oil exploration companies.  My duties were to assist senior engineers’ geophysicist by creating maps for seismic exploration and scouting out helicopter flight paths in the field for major oil companies such as Shell and Petro Can. During my studies I also had my own small business doing marketing and design for local small to medium size business in pharmaceutical, jewellery, textiles, and other businesses in my community.  This exposed me to a broader range of various types of business sectors to help create a career path.

Immediately after graduation a decision was made to look and apply for an internship program; to gain more relevant work experience relating to my studies. To my surprise an offer was given from the International Trade and Development program in Canada and was posted in Harbin Heilongjiang with China Telecommunication and the Heilongjiang Multimedia Bureau. This experience had made a major positive impact on my career path and during my internship program a final decision was made to further pursue a career in teaching English as foreign language and focusing in the areas of Business English Communications. Upon completion of the internship program I relocated to Canton, also known as the Pearl Delta Region “Guangzhou, Guangdong to be exact. The energy in the international business community in Guangzhou amongst the people was very enthusiastic, mainly due to the fact China was getting ready to enter the World Trade Organization, this excitement helped me excel further into my career, hence being driven by a goal orientated and determined workforce. 

After working a couple of years in Guangzhou and meeting several amazing and interesting people from all different sectors, I wanted to upgrade my skills in order to contribute more to English learners plus I was starting to get a bit homesick. Back in to Canada for two years to take training in the field of Adult Education and TESL (teaching English as a second language).  My parents were very supportive and also great inspiration during my journey.  Both of my parents are college instructors in Canada and my mother is one of the pioneers from Canada in developing online education for adults and business communication.  A lot of my teaching styles and the way I communicate with my students have in fact been inspired by my parents.  When I was younger after school often I would attend my parents’ lectures at the college but never realized those days that I would follow their footsteps.

Arriving back in China was a huge and impressive shock, it was astonishing to see how fast one country could change and make advancements in all areas in such a short time.  After teaching in China for a few more years at international colleges and multinational companies there still felt like an area of teaching English that could be improved, I always knew this since my college days.  The area needing improvement was being able to deliver better English learning content and making the learning experience more exciting.  For several years in China I was looking for a school or training center that was offering distant education with multimedia rich content.  Finally the searches lead to E-brain Education and Technologies, E-say™ English.  The E-say™ group was like no other English training center I’ve encountered, the staff were all excited and students were learning much faster compared to traditional training centers.  In February, 2008, I proudly signed up to become part of the E-say™ teaching group.  One of the main reason I enjoy E-say™ group is that now students can have more customized lessons that focus on their specific needs rather than attending an evening class with other strangers and covering material that is irrelevant to them in reaching their English goals. In addition students now open up more VIA online lessons compared to traditional classrooms were before they would often too shy to practice English amongst others.  I am very pleased with my career choice and feel rewarded each day by helping others excel.  To date I have taught and reached out to thousands of students from all parts of the world and well know multinational companies just to name some: Avon, Procter & Gamble, Shell, Chevron, British Petroleum, Dell Computers, Lite & On, Thelebere, Hewlett Packer, Johnson & Johnson, Cisco Systems, Tupperware, Glaxo Smith Kline, Sinotrans Group, Lumenis, General Electric, Pepsi Co, Siemens, HSBC, Lenovo, RR Donnelley , Orchirly Fashion, Mind Share, Medtronic, Wrigley, Amway, Dupont, 3M Innovation, Foxconn, Kraft Foods, Toyota.

These days waking up each morning and taking on the challenge of creating new lessons to enrich the learning experience and meeting students is what I enjoy.  And of course the most enjoyable satisfaction his hearing my students after finish lessons walking away feeling confident and motivate with their English.

09:54 PM Nov 21 2010

United States

I appreciate your contributions to advancing the teaching and learning of English.

By pooling resources, skills and experiences together, students and teachers benefit.

When the ship goes up, all on the ship goes up with it!

Continue the good work!

02:02 AM Apr 13 2010



i love this enthusiastic spirit that i have found in your saySmile;and the great efforts that you are determined to give for every single student ;i want to be lucky getting English lessons on your hands;please tell me how can i get this chance ?

07:42 AM Mar 28 2010


SmileI'm deeply moved by your spirit of dedication to English teaching. We, Chinese people will be sincerely grateful to you. You not only help Chinese people grasp a foreign language, but also let us know more about Canada and Canadians. We see that you work hard at education, furthermore, you play a good example in promoting friendship and cooperation between the two countries. Most important, Chiese people will not make you down, one day we will master English and help more foreigners learn Chinese and Chinese culture. Thank you!

12:49 AM Mar 27 2010


it is amazing!

01:16 AM Mar 25 2010




05:34 AM Mar 23 2010



It will be appreciated if u make this short. Anyhow, welcome backing again. Good luck and have fun  here.

08:01 PM Mar 22 2010



It is too long,but  I feel you are full of fire.

06:07 PM Mar 22 2010



what we need is precitice,we are poor at oral english.It is too weired to talk english in  our usual life unless we have to .


05:53 PM Mar 22 2010



so long,i like learning english.

05:46 PM Mar 20 2010


Haha,so you should know very well about China!Embarassed