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April 13, 2013

Really bad days I had now,and I suffered from pain.

I don't understand why a boy can be so caprice.Today he says oh I love U but tomorrow he run to another girl,a hotter one.When you ask,he says,I'm sorry but we are over now.

They never think about your feelings.Although my friends told me that I can find a better one,but,I still can't forget this.

A boy should respect a girl,but not play her like a tool to make he feel happy,that's what many girls want 2 say...

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12:41 AM Apr 14 2013


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

oh my darling,i feel so sad after i read your blog,do not think about it,if wait we will give a good present from world.all boys in all over the world is like your exboyfriend.we have this problems in iran tooo.so do not think about it,if s.b do like this he shows that he is so poor dear:)

be happy.some people are like garbage so u must put them out:)