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Josh K

Josh K


April 4, 2010

why  the afraid to english?

I knows about many peoples,  dont  get nice opportunities, lost great jobs, plans, travel, know more people, really what can lose, not know to speak  english. Why  some have fear  to learn  english, no want to know this english, some no easy to know english, years going never learnt this lenguage. I knew about case about senior executive of a multinational, dont  to know  english, this sir has big fear to learn this idiom, in the end, not get to know the english, He lost his great job.

why  some never learn  english? why  the nervousness, and fear?  why is necesary learn this lenguage, all the world don't it learn?.  I have known a female friend, she doesn't to know  english,  she has leading position in a company very  importent, neither that cause, she want to learn english, still she has same idea. Maybe in future she could lost her position.  Still I got a fear to speak in public, that reason still I don't talk very well the english, is there excuse, motive, for I don't learn to speak  english. sometimes the afraid can control wishes, purpose for someone learn something, that no excuse for don't to get to know English.

I still have memories this embarrassing moments, awful, terrible, when I was in english school, trying to learn english, when it was my turn to speak, everyone laughed at me, laugh at me, no one understood me when I spoke, I know I have a problem in the language, cause difficulty in pronunciation. all this caused great afraid to continue to learn more English.

I remember in an English class, it had 100 students, a teacher, when the teacher told a lady who will repeat with him a  word in English, she told very bad the word, at this time all the class begin to make fun, laugh of the poor lady.  next class, I never saw to the lady again. never ever returned. Sometimes I can to understand because some no want to learn english. I good for reading for no speaking, little for writing, I need improve, because I just lost a chance for a nice job, for no know well the English.  

I still ask, why the afraid to know english.


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02:08 PM Apr 04 2010


I am one that never ever took any class of any languages.. 

I m learning myself even German language , I got a good point 85% in a level A ... 

Books is good teacher and your mind, your motivation.. 

I dont think those people were shy to learn English because they have no chance or have no motivation to learn.. Like you .. you do need to improve , because you had lost one chance to get a job.. or people who works in the tourist area, those people can speak english very well..you see!

That what we said..we are alway learning from our experiences...


01:57 PM Apr 04 2010