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Trinidad and Tobago

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October 26, 2007

Sometimes I feel that the Government of Trinidad overlook the poor people of this country with water. There are times when I go into middle class areas and they have an adequate supply of water. So much that they could water their lawn and wash their cars and pressure wash their outside walls, when there are people in this modern times, that the Government call 20-20, is out of a proper supply of drinking water hmm......

And they want us to vote for them. U.N.C. Mister M.P. of Belmont, open your eyes and see water the people is crying for. Make it right to get my vote Mister M.P.

October 20, 2007

Well not at the Venezuelan Embassy at any rate.

You see I simply cannot in good conscience write anything that supports the closure of RCTV in Venezuela. I'm not overly pro integration with Latin America area ie MECROSUR and all that.

I do not want to live in Latin America.

I think the whole RCTV thing especially irks me because of what they did to Inshan Ismael and Sidewalk radio.

The current government blocked then seized sidewalk radio because they spoke out against the government initiative to build an aluminium smelter.

I do not want to live in the buffer zone for an aluminium smelter.

Trinidad is only 100km long and wide.

They used the American Anti-terrorism Law which was passed unconstitutionally with a simple majority to detain Inshan Ismael and shut down his TV programme, because he exposed the poor construction and corruption in government contracts. Government contracts which were financed by an IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) to the tune of $300 Million US dollars.

Meanwhile Gladiator - a very racist, offensive pro-government radio host is allowed to incite racially based retribution every day.

"I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it" 


October 11, 2007


Ode to Barbados Free Press.

They will come.

They will come in the darkness of night.

They will come.

Black men in dark clothing, with guns and sirens blazing.

They will come.

They will smash your doors and seize your computers.

They will come.

They will drag you out of your house at 2:00 am.

They will come.

They will take you deep into the bowels of the station and beat you mercilessly.

They will come.

Cruel men. Cruel men. Cruel men.

But in all things be thankful.

But in all things be thankful.

But in all things be thankful.

For when WE come…

We won’t touch you. We won’t beat you.

We only come to watch.

We only come to watch.

We only come to watch.

For when WE come…

We will come silently.

We will come to kill your children.