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September 26, 2016

Hi everyone !

I was thinking about if it's just me or if others have noticed that everyone seems to be so busy with there phone all the time, i never understood it so much why i should put almost most of my time to just look on my phone instead of maybe getting at least a bit more social with the people near you ? Sometimes i even see people driving there cars and at the same time be sitting and writing on there phone. I think its becoming more and more normal that people are getting more separated in the real life. Anyone else got there examples it would be fun to see if someone else has been noticing this and if you could write about it.

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12:49 PM Sep 27 2016

United States

I think you are a different. Few peoples are like you. Most of us are busy with mobile applications. I agree with you that we are going far away from that life. We are forgetting about to live social life. I am looking for professional writing help. who can write some articles againest it so I can spread out over internet and people will understand that what are they doing is wrong.