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April 30, 2008

How nice feeling to be 17!! Today is my birthday and I wanted to thank all the team who created this site for their job! Because of you I found so many good friendsCool and the best one -- Denii, I love you:)! Smile And I wish all guys around here find brilliant friends!!

I'm analyzing my life and see that I've done many good things and I'll try to do my best in the future:):)

Ok, I've gotta go to taste my cupcake!Laughing


Xx Lusty

April 22, 2008

There is not too much time left til the Olympic Games... You know that political situation in Tibet is not so good (like in the whole world thoughFrown) The demonsrations and such stuff... They promised not to stop pickets even during the games..Such an undertaking like the Olymic Games surely attracts attention...but what do you think should politics be interfered with sports??

X Lusty x

April 12, 2008

Here is the list of my favorite mp3 in last month:

(although some of them was released quite a long time agoSmile)

10) Funnyman by KT Tunstall

9) Foundations by Kate Nash

8) Seaside by The Kooks

7) Worn me Down by Rachel Yamagata

6) I Really Want You by James Blunt

5) Breath me by Sia

4) No one by Alicia Keys

3) If you were a sailboat by Katie Melua

2) Gravity by Sara Bareilles

1) Please forgive me by David Grey

As a matter of fact, I'm quite a rockin' girl, but I've been on the chilled side recently...maybe coz I'm hardly in loveUndecided

If you, guys,  have smth to say about this songs or this artists --please comment!Smile

Xx Lusty