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July 28, 2010

I wrote in my diary after a long separation.

July 25, I had an accident by bicycle. I injured my right eyelid and had eight stitches.The wound still pains.I hope to recover from this wound completely.

My university is test week now. After test week, summer vaction is coming!!This summr vacation, I'm going to go to beach with my friend!! I'm very looking forward to it!!

It's very hot every day!! I must take care about summer lethargy.

I wish I could go to cool country...

March 25, 2010


Today is march 26. Three days ago, Mar 23 was my birthday!!I became 20 years old!!

I went to bowling with my friends. They celebrated my birthday. they gave me a birthday cake. It was very delicious!! also, They gave me birthday presents, a necklace and jigsaw pazzle which messages were written by my friends.

I was very very happy!! i love them!!

↓"a aim of this year!!"↓ 

''To be a good adult, I want to bring myself up!!''


January 20, 2010


I'm very happy because I can make two friends in e-baby!!

I want to be friend with many people. I want to make new friends all over world.

If someone read this, please give me your comment!



01:14 PM Jan 20 2010

fahad kun

fahad kun
Saudi Arabia

well    we r happy too  to be friends of u 

but i want to know more about u 

u have to tell as anything about u

see you :D

10:43 AM Jan 20 2010

ZoOm In

ZoOm In
Saudi Arabia

Hi Manatee

I think you mean ( I can make too much friends ) because

two = 2  

too = 1. so much; a lot of; very much

too = 2. also

you can find more here : http://dictionary.cambridge.org/results.asp?searchword=too&x=0&y=0 


I wish you enjoy this website :)