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October 7, 2007

My love


That time,

I saw you laugh

I knew you were happy

I saw you cry

And i knew my shoulders would be strong enough for you


But when I looked into your eyes

I didn’t see love

I walked around you

You didn’t feel me

I called you

And heard your voice

But had no words to say

Untill you hung up

My heart was hollow

So hollow ,so hollow

not daring to tell you


I started to dream,

dream one day I could hold you

but dream always be dream

when the day was coming

rain weted my hair

flowed down around my face

that time I realized

I would never have you

Because I know he could be better for you

I cried, and was glad

Glad for you, for your happyness


Bye, my lover

Bye, my self

Rushed into the crowd

Looking for another me 

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10:04 AM Oct 31 2007