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Saudi Arabia

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November 15, 2010

friend and friendship. what the meaning of this word ,what understading from it

when i anslysis this word in arabic it come f rom sadaga sense truth,this word his big meaning ,the right to friends,honesty.loyalty,provide  advice,good moral,goot treatment,love reversehtred,when friend need you be beside him,if theriend becom

lover this is not forbidden

03:54 PM Nov 17 2010


Russian Federation

there is one of the points of view:

October 27, 2010

at inter mediate school and secondary and college,i learen some topic eglish,i know schoolbook donot give enough,i read several stories and books,wihtin i read emma by jen austen,this novel mede me love english litrature,emma photographed in my mind a beatiful girl in front of me, in this days i'm watching film,in this film actress beatiful girl i say to my self this similar emma,but i don know what happened to me,i left english , i think because i donot find friend to practse with....... in this period it was difficult,now with net and tecnology become easy,now i returned to english,i realized i lost some thing important,but i'm now at baby english my be find cute friend we will learen to gather

02:14 AM Oct 31 2010

Lovely Fabian
United Arab Emirates

Thank you for frequenting my profile.. Sorry, I was not aware that you might be needing my help for you to practise English.. I will try to help you the best way that I can..Smile