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nothing venture nothing gain

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June 15, 2009

it's Tuesday, as usual, before 7 sharp, i use this time to give a little share on my blog. I just called my angels a few minutes ago, and i reveled they are fine (i hope they slept tight last night).

I'm feeling kinda messy lately, i don't know why, maybe because i left my angels in Bandung without my mom, ( my mom visit my brother in Balikpapan, as i told on my previous blog) so i feel worry, i only trust my mom to take care of my angels since they were born, but it doesn't mean i don't trust my sister or by lil' brother or my baby sitter.

I give all my life to God, i trust God's hands to lead my way, whether it is good or not to leave my angels with precious career here in Pertamina, or i have to work in Bandung with my self driven projects and see my angels anytime. I hope i will settle here as soon as possible, so i can move my angels here live with me. Once more i never get tired to pray to God.


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