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nothing venture nothing gain

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July 1, 2009

Listening to Mariah Carey's great song "Bye-bye". I've heard this song yesterday in a girls shop and it caught my ears. I was in love suddenly. So I looked up the video on You tube, and at this very moment I'm working with that song as a background on my desk.

I commonly listen to a song over and over till I got tired..Hahaha..

Last week I went to Lembang, It's somewhere in Bandung, my home town, it's really beautiful and it's famous in Indonesia. We visited a place named "De Ranch" ( O my God, I really want to insert pictures and videos here but I still can't find out how )

In that place, there are so many games for children and adults, such as outbound, cycling, horse riding, bungy jumping, and there's a pool full of water and outside the pool you are set up to go inside of a huge transparent balloon and then the ballon where you were already inside throw to the pool and there you go, go round and round inside it, it's so fun,it's so cool. My angels did it and that made me laughed.  

We also tried "Delman" it's a kind of box made of wood with two tires and pull by a horse, I used this twice to go around the land with my nephews and my angels.

The atmosphere in that place is take "country"as the concept, with country songs to support, there are so many horses, you can took it to went around and the sweet thing was when you ride it you got to use hat and jacket, just like a cowboy. There is no galloping of course, we just walk crossed grassy land.  I have my angels pictures. Awesome!

After had a great time in De Ranch, we went visit mount Tangkuban Perahu, the air was so cool and fresh! We climb the mountain and looked at the "kawah".

And tomorrow my angels are going to visit me here, Jakarta. I'm so happy today and we have planned to visit adventure land here, named "Dufan" and "Ancol".



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