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nothing venture nothing gain

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September 9, 2009

I got confused with my recent project. I have to design auditorium, here in Pertamina..(FYI I'm working at headquarter of Pertamina and this building taken place as another part of Pertamina building, you need one hour trip) Actually Auditorium is one of subject at my major when I was in college that you can choose as your main object as your final project. I didn't take it. I took electricity and energy museum as my interest, so I have to recall all my memories a few years ago for this project and I guess I need to mess up all my books about auditorium, and "playing" in a library..Back on a habit couple years ago. Innocent

And the worst thing, this company has not the actual data of this building..(This is an outstanding company as a matter of fact) So I have to marking that huge space of four class rooms and we did it midday on fasting hour. OMG..I never felt so thirsty and it grabed all my energy at once..

And when I draw it in Autocad programme, seems we need our second visiting, because all the data seems terrible. WTF! Uffff...........

O yeah..I got a visit to my previous project here, And it all set and done..I gave an entry last day with images on 3d max programme, and these are the real actual, have a look...

Intermezo : One of my friend turn on a song...one of a song that recalls me about everything related to "someone".

Selimut hati by dewa...It's a song sang by a great band in Indonesia..


I think I'm going insane! So many projects that I should handle...Another projects are waiting...

I love my work, I hate deadline...But I think I get used to it somehow...

" Sedih ini bukan akhir dunia..."

" Bila harapan pun masih terbentang..."

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