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nothing venture nothing gain

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October 13, 2009

I started this day with some annoying messages on my Yahoo Messenger from my last ex boy friend. I don't know...I just feel kind of disturbing about his questions around guys who are close to me recently (I'll be gladful if he asked about something else) And those made me upset, I tried to stop the conversation but he kept after me. And it was all end up with uncomfortable ending.

I hate those questions, how can he just asking seems that our breaking up didn't hurt me at all, and in a short time I just can find someone else to replace him? Sometimes I just don't get it what was in his mind. But that was just a story.

I hate the atmosphere when he showed up AGAIN in my life.. I better lose any informations about him...but he keeps in touch... Actually I can make a friend with my ex but just give me some times and please stop talking too personal... I could be a nice and welcome friend as you wish..(exclude my ex husband..sorry)

But I just need some times...

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05:11 PM Oct 14 2009



Yeah..I got ignored him, but I just a little bit upset and I wrote in my blog...well at least I got something to write right? ahhah

No, I haven't watched the movie..well I'm not really into it at least someone ask me to...heheh but I will someday on my spare time...

thanks again...

02:47 AM Oct 14 2009

viona helena


just ignore him...

if he can not respect your time,, your feeling,,

then why you can't do the same?


have you ever watched "Saus Kacang" movie?


Bunga Citra said,,

"unTuk menghadapi oRang yang ngga punya perasaan,, Ya,,jgn pake perasaan"


["to face somebody who doesn't have a feeling,, then don't use your feeling too"}


see.. that's so simple