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nothing venture nothing gain

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December 1, 2009

Last night was our second time eating out side, at the same place but not at the same time, it was earlier and I was not feeling well, so before ten he dropped me home.

I was not really psyched actually, because I'm not sure if I really really into him. He is good, nice, he always ask me how am I doing every day, if I didn't reply his massage, he would give me a call. That's good. But... I think he is a kind of serious guy, he always talking about Islam, and I know it's good, that means one of good point that mom would love to. But..... He was talking too much about Islam, and that freak me out!  

I try to look for something that can make me look at him as someone who is older, wiser than me.. so far I always feel just like he is my lil' brother. I feel the chemistry but age seems make a distance inside of me but I think his knowledge about Islam is great. He steps ahead forward!

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