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"Know Your Palestine" Quiz , open to all the international community.

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June 17, 2012


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View all entries from "Know Your Palestine" Quiz , open to all the international community. >

02:31 PM Jan 10 2014


United States

If you meant this exactly ""culturally valued knowledge communicated by a range of non-specialist media."", then I no longer know exactly what you mean. The only thing that I can think of that might fit that definition would be our overall values, but they mean different things to different people and are being continually eroded. 

02:22 PM Jan 10 2014


United States

Now I understand what you mean. When you linked to the general knowledge I thought you were showing an example of "general". I did get stuck on the word "culture".

Yes, very low. Hillariously so. There are game shows here about it. The "right" answer isn't always the correct answer, it's the answer that most of the audience gave.  A tv show did a good skit about it called "Common Knowledge". Generally, in polls conducted to show us we haven't changed, most American's can't name our own Vice President, Chief Justice, Speaker of the House, or Majority Whip. Most don't know our own country well, many can't name all of our states and their capitols.

It's a big place, there are still many millions of well-educated brilliant people. Normally the things the common person doesn't know, aren't important to daily life.

It's no big deal.

12:50 PM Jan 10 2014


United States

No you didn't confuse me, it is you who aren't understanding me. I am the one saying there is no American "culture generale". That is exactly what I am saying.

There are immigrant cultures here maintained by immigrants, and the cultures of the native peoples, there are also regional cultures here, but the only uniquely American culture is Black American Culture.

Literally, for the reasons I listed, there is no General American Culture. We call it "the American Experience". We are too young to have had enough time to establish enough common experiences for all who live here. I suspect what you think is General American Culture is actually either "Pop Culture" or the culture of a smaller part of the population making headlines.

So much for not posting more until you caught up!

12:00 PM Jan 10 2014


United States

Wow, give me time to read it. As I glanced over though, two things:

Jerusalem was a Jewish city in Roman times, you said "and change it to a jewish city.", perhaps you meant "and change it back to a Jewish city".

I agree you didn't say 'no culture', you said 'little culture'. I said 'no culture'. We are a young nation, hardly old enough to develop actual traditions that reflect all of us. Especially since new groups continue to arrive.

From the very beginning, Africans were brought against their will to this land. The closest thing there might be to an actual "American Culture" is Black American Culture. They are one of the few groups who share a common experience, have been here 500 years, had no major waves of subsequent immigration from Africa before WWII, and were isolated by the racism of this society. They have a distinctive and rich culture in addition to the common American experience we all share.  I added this in edit because it deserves to be mentioned apart from the rest.

This nation has grown first by expansion and then by repeated waves of immigrants. What might have been an "English Culture", absorbed French, Spanish, and Dutch colonial populations, as well as overrunning the native population, and then adopted cultural elements from almost every culture on earth through immigration.  What might be termed "American Culture" changes with each generation.

We adapt fast, it's one of our strengths.


09:07 AM Jan 10 2014


United States

I'd like to read that link.

Thanks for sending this. At first I thought you were describing the meaning of the word, I realize that your Umma is suffering like the Church did in it's turn.

The word Nation means exactly like Algeria etc. Umma seems more from what you've said. 

I don't think there is a word in English that fits exactly. If you use the word though, it will become part of our language in time.

There are a lot of non-English words in American English, you only have to use them when appropriate and tell us what they mean for us to adopt them.

12:23 PM Jan 09 2014


United States

It is sad to read that it happened but I am happy to read that Muslims and Christians can work together to restore him. I believe that is Godly behavior. Lifting, not destroying.

I agree also that those who did it, did so to create hate. But that's how they derail peace plans too, by random murderous attacks using "Islam" as their excuse.

12:20 PM Jan 09 2014


United States

4. You ARE home.  You want to go where you've never lived. It seems the only "right" you claim is the complete distruction of Isreal.

Death is a power none can stand against. You chose to fight, you chose to try nothing else. You say it's something you cannot do due to your religion. India, South Africa, even the American Blacks, they all got their "rights" without violence. Try it instead of excuses.

Gandhi, Mandela, King. Add one of your own names to the list.

It is you who insist that two words in different languages mean the same thing. They do not. Your insistence doesn't change that.

A nation is a political division, words like Umma and Christendom describe religious divisions, A tribe is a racial division. If the Umma was only for Arabs or Navaho or Igbo, it would be a tribe. Sorry but true. You are misusing English. A nation isn't made up of any area ruled by your religion. There's a reason there's no "Umma" representative in the UN. But I too give up. Nothing ever convinces.

According to this site: www.islamic-relief.com they help in the following countries, all of which are Islamic or areas of Islamic expansion. They may have offices with us, but they work for you.

11:05 AM Jan 09 2014


United States


10:20 AM Jan 09 2014


United States

Hamid, check it out I found one!

"The masked men came in the night, ripped off the front door and set the bookstore on fire. They were out to punish the owner, an elderly priest, after false rumors that he had written an anti-Islamic tract." ....

"But the blaze in the northern city of Tripoli also moved many residents, Muslims and Christians alike, to offer to help repair the 40-year-old shop, showing how some Lebanese are rising up in protest."


09:29 AM Jan 09 2014


United States

would the English equivalent of "Umma" actually be "Christendom"? (Christian lands)

To me, it fits what you said Umma means better than "nation"

09:15 AM Jan 09 2014


United States

What do I need to know about Islam to understand that Algerians think they own Palestine and Palestinians are not sovereign from your control, even in the Palestinian areas. What opposite did I claim? That you would not honor an agreement because of what the Koran tells you, right?

What "rights" would they need for you to support such an agreement?

Americans have no culture. None. We are a nation of immigrants who agree on principles of individual rights. There are still towns here where foreign languages are as common as English. We are a collection of many cultures, adapted by people who have no history associated with what we adapt. I think you have less knowledge of us than I have of your faith. But thanks for attempting the insult.

I guess Algeria doesn't care about it's economy or it's people.

The word "nation" refers to the largest political subdivision of people based upon geography. People establish borders and create a government. That is a nation. It has nothing to do with either religion or race. Even a theocracy like Iran is a political division of geography. There are many Shia elsewhere and many non-Shia in Iran. The fact that the word 'nation' most nearly is the same as "umma" doesn't mean they are exactly the same. Nation is an English word, Umma is an Arabic word. We know Umma like we know so many Arabic words now. Use Umma if you mean Umma. It doesn't mean "nation". But if you use "Umma" to define your cause in Palestine, it is you who make this a war about your religion.

You say it loudly to us, say it loudly to them. Perhaps you were serious when you said negotiations are only a lie to prevent others from saying you don't want peace. It's not Algerian land or Algerian rights, but for the sake of argument, which "rights" would Isreal have to agree to in order for you to support such an agreement recognizing a Jewish state?

 2. I understand. Remember though that the war was raging in the Far East and North Africa before it started in Europe. First shots were fired in the Far East. Second shots were fired in Africa. After that the world when to Hell in a handbasket.

3. History does explain the current situation. Now is the result of the past. I am talking about the Islamic revolutions that resulted in new enemies for us. Why would we support such a revolution. Why do you blame us for not supporting your revolts against France? Why would we? You blame us for too many things.

3a. Never said they did. They fought "the Allies" of which we were one. An attack on one is an attack on all. But that's beside the point. They did fight the UK. Twice. And lost. Twice. The UK was the group that decided to end fighting the Jews and the USSR for Palestines sake. Palestine had fought them twice, to expect the UK to defend their enemies against their allies is childish.  Look up the first major power to sign Isreal into existence. It wasn't the West.

Have you answered my question of which political party is running my nation?

07:10 AM Jan 09 2014



Hezbollah is temporary organization and his existence is very limited.....it will gone , just a matter of time... shit must be wipe but the  stink could be stay for a long time.

06:38 AM Jan 09 2014



Your dream is gone: Egypt in chaos, Sudan  is divided , Iraq and Afgenistan destroyed , Sudia  and Qatar r snobs  , Palestine is not a nation , Malaysia is faraway  , Algeria and morocco linked to France ,Syria and Lebanon in war , and turkey of Ardugan under  corruption and gona lost the next elections…. The Islamic brotherhood r terror organization. And Iran hats you all…

U r collection of natives not an Arab nation….my be with a common religion. That’s all.

12:25 AM Jan 09 2014



israel will never negociate with terror org' HAMAS , the only language for hamas is by force and more force until surrender.

Hamas is better than Fatah, Fatah is bunch of hypocrites!

03:45 PM Jan 08 2014


United States

You did. You said you couldn't rebuild churches burned by members of your faith who were taught wrongly by other members of your faith. Our churches were burned by your members. You say you can't rebuild them because they work against God.

The God of Arsonists and Bombers apparently.

They are your members, acting in your name, benefitting your religion, committing crimes. And you feel no responsibility at all. And yet you wonder why I see no love from Islam. I see only excuses for crimes.

I've seen huge crowds in the streets of the streets cheering our deaths. You may not, you are not the only Muslim. Many do cheer, just like many ignore it when churches are burned. In some of your nations, whole neighborhoods of Christians have been burned. When does "Islamic Justice" care?

No, you do what the Koran said. God said different. Sorry your misled. I vote again we don't throw scriptures at each other. You think there are no holes in the Koran, our scholars say there are more holes in the Koran than your scholars say there is in the Bible.

But Jesus taught that you could see who was God's by their love of humanity and their love of God. He didn't say nothing about their love of Palestine. When I look around, I see Christians in other nations feeding and caring for people of many faiths. I've never seen Islam help those who weren't Muslim.  That's still true. All of the Islamic ministries I've seen have been to Muslims.

Again, if there is such a ministry, please link me to it, I would love to learn about the good parts of Islam. Islam speaks beautiful words, its the actions I wonder about.

02:42 PM Jan 08 2014


United States

There is no right to nationhood. None. I don't even understand why you think there is one. Even if there was, Palestine is a nation. Algeria is a nation. If you don't want it that way, don't be that way.  I suspect what keeps Islamic nations from forming one nation has nothing to do with the West.

No, it's like knowing the political party in charge of the US. Do you know it?

No, not Obama's party, the party that controls my whole government. Right now today, not before the 2012 elections. Besides, I don't wish to sound boastful, but knowing who runs the largest economy on earth is a bit different that knowing who runs an area the size of the city I live in with fewer people than LA.  Sorry I couldn't find it on the internet. It seems the last election was in 2006, if that's correct, it's a shame.

What do I need to know of your region to know  that Palestinians are negotiating a two state system and you plan not to honor that based upon your religion. Or do you mean their right to dhimma? Is that the "right" you think they must have? I doubt any of us will stand for that abuse.

Oscar, you're an ass. We aren't Isreal's mercenaries. You don't rule us. If you want a mercenary army, put it in Lebanon like Iran did.

We did what is best for us. If you think we have left you undefended you have not been paying attention our newest death-dealers. We are insane apparently. They haven't a prayer of surviving a war that lasts more than a week and you're wetting your pants over Syria. Do you want Hezbollah to stop killing Al Queda or Al Queda to stop killing Hezbollah?

1. yes, but you tell an extremely one sided story that isn't always what our history says. I will reply, with references, by email.

2. Oh, you mean Germany and Italy, just two of the dozens of Western nations. Thanks for making us all one, you get mad when we do that to you. Did we blame you for 9/11? I wonder why not since the attackers came from two Islamic countries of the dozens that there are. Should we start generalizing now?

3.Yes, it certainly does. Don't join our stupid wars if you don't plan to fight by our rules. No European nation attacked you, in both wars, they joined in for their own benefit. Not very Islamic of them to join a war in the hopes of aquiring land from their neighbors. But they did and they lost, and now they want to change the rules.

Got news for you, every nation in the West, except for those in Europe, was a colony. Get over it. We know about stolen resources, raped women, unsolved murders and second class treatment. More than half the world was colonized, but you think you're unique. You weren't the only French colony to suffer, but the other colonies moved on. Some are highly successful nations now. Don't blame us. And certainly never blame us for the Euros. most of the West isn't in Europe.

Did you ever think a "revolution" with the goal of "kill the infidel, conquer the West" might not deserve our support?

3a. Only in that it brought together millions of people with no nation or homes to return to who wanted to live together and not among those who tried to kill them. Besides, Palestine fought us twice, we weren't going to lose sleep over our enemies happiness. They made themselves our enemy when they joined. The UK fought, but they weren't going to start WWIII over it.

4. What rights do you want them to have that is not being offered? What would make you support such an agreement?

"we allow it only to not give excuses that we don't want peace"- But you don't want peace.  It is only an excuse and like the boy who cried "wolf", one time they will attempt to use that excuse and the killing won't stop like they expected. That will be as much your fault as any Isreali's.

You explained YOUR concept, but no one except you cares. Your leaders have been explaining it for nearly 70 years. Hows that working out? Palestine was huge in 1948 compared to how big it is now.

 You aren't the ones controlling the land. Our concept is what you need to worry about. Your concept is only getting people killed. And justifying drone attacks in various Islamic nations. The excuse is "they are all one nation". They use your "concept" to spread the killing because you are wrong about what a nation is. I suspect the word doesn't meant exactly the same thing in both languages. Nationhood has nothing to do with race or religion. Nothing.

I asked you to cite such a ministry. I am far from you, but not far from Muslims. I live as close to them as you do. Changes nothing. I do not know of any examples so I ask you. Like the other "secret" good you claim they do, I don't see any. I see only demands for us to submit. And excuses for why Isreal's brutality and our support of Isreal is the reason we are attacked.

Exactly, Jesus is the Christ whose coming was foretold by the prophets. You were the one who keeps bringing your religion into this.

Even now, you make excuses for continued violence. Gandhi and Mandela freed their lands peacefully, you espouse a continuation of 70 years of fighting.

01:29 PM Jan 08 2014



The Fatah is nothing , the dominated force in Gaza and west bank is the Hamas and many others small armed groups. Only the IDF can stop them and fight them…. Just give the Hamas the chance and it will dominate all the west bank , negotiating Fatah its waste of time!


the war in Syria became more and more crazy , many sunnis terror organizations fight each other  , and Bashar looking at it and laugh…..the Shia is gonna win in Syria!

Israel And USA LOST! Big victory to Iran!

12:12 PM Jan 08 2014


United States

A boy of 15 there can answer perhaps but it's not easy information to find among those who don't care. I found many references to Hamas and Fatah and the elections of 2006 but nothing that said, "As of today, Hamas is still in charge."  Sorry. I don't know which political party is in charge in anyones country except mine. It doesn't matter. The point is, Hamas is not a puppet of the West or weak.

Despite what you think, Palestine is hardly headlines here. It's the same crap over and over again. The media here doesn't pay as much attention to you as you think.

So would you honor an agreement made with Gaza?

At least that would save some Palestinian lives. At least it'd let them get their KFC. We didn't start the Hamas Fatah fighting. 

I'm just going to email you on your history. You've left out some aspects but long dry discussions about dusty old bones are boring to most people. Not to me though.

03:58 PM Jan 07 2014


United States

You didn't answer, does Hamas still rule in Palestine?

02:58 PM Jan 07 2014


United States

1 Not all of the Jews no, but the Arab armies took over Judea and many left, it was their decendents that Hitler killed. There have always been Jews in Palestine, There wasn't always Jews in Europe. Where do you think the European Jews came from? They weren't any more welcome in the Roman Empire than they were in post Roman, Catholic lands. They came for a reason, they were fleeing.

The fall of Rome was near the end of the 5th century. Arab armies invaded in the 7th century. Check your sources.

Nothing I say would convince you though.

2 REALLY? You don't actually know but you assume it was us? Japan attacked the US, Germany declared war on the US, and the UK and every other Euro power except Italy. Italy declared war in Africa.  Asians started the Asian wars. Not us. Germany and Italy were the two lonesome "Western" powers that started fighting. What you claim as a "Western" war was already raging in the East between Japan, China, Korea, and Vietnam when the Western war started.

Palestine, as it did in WWI, could have stayed out of the war or even fought for the UK like India and other nations did, but they joined the war on the losing side again. No one made the Ottomans join WWI, no one made the Palestinians join WWII. Don't blame your scapegoat, blame those responsible.

Algeria was defeated and occupied by Italy and the Germans. Shame on us for liberating you. What nations did harm to you? "The West" is far less monolithic than Islam is. "The West" was fighting "The West" in Algeria. Blame the right "West" if it matters to anyone but historians.  Your nation has no complaint about my nation. No true one anyhow.

3. your story of Isreals creation is both twisted and incorrect. You blame the UK for the USSR's actions. You think plans mean action. Or do you think the UK and France wanted most of their young men to die in WWII so Jews could bother Muslims?

Joseph Stalin wanted Isreal, not the West. Isreal is a creation of the East. But again, that doesn't suit the scapegoat story.

4. You know they are negotiating now, what have you done to prevent it? If they sign, it is only your belief in the Koran that justifies your claim to the land. If they sign, it's not your business. Except for your religious connection you have no connection.

I'm not trying to prove anything, I'm asking why Muslims allow negotiations when they know in advance they have no intention of honoring them? What does that prove?  Instead it asks a question which you keep not answering. Apart from your religion, what claim does an Algerian have that's better than theirs? You know they negotiate, you don't protest or stop them. Who is to blame for that? Regardless of what they vote for, you will say they were forced and continue forcing them to raise their children in war.

Possession is 9/10ths. Algeria doesn't have Palestine. They aren't 'your people' except for your religious affiliation but you still claim your religion isn't the issue. You blame me for calling it Islam, but what other claim does an Algerian have?

So you would accept a two state system that gives them their rights? One the Palestinians agree is fair? If they voted on it in a plebicite, would you accept that?

This sentence is based soley on your religion alone yet you tell me it isn't Islam:

"-Any land Muslims live in and control it is considered as my land, and all Muslims are considered as my people and my nation, if you standards don't much with ours, so it is your issue, i do live in my land and with my people."

That sentence is untrue tribal BS. Your nation is YOUR nation. Not anyplace Muslims live belongs to you. Algeria is in the UN. If it isn't a nation, it doesn't belong. You can't have it both ways though you try. 

You live in your land, but you cause trouble in Palestine. Palestinians suffer because Algerians think they are Palestinians. Can Palestinians vote in Algeria? They sided against you in WWII. Not very loyal to the Unum.

You keep thinking I am talking about your religion. I am not. You are. It is you who mention Islam as the justification for your involvement in Palestine, not me. I point out that apart from that, you have no other justification. How is that my problem?

I've said nothing about your religion except I've never seen Islamic love except for to other Muslims. That's still true. Sorry if you don't like it. You take care of your own, not the Created.

Jesus is the Christ, it is you who should dread the Hereafter. It is Jesus who will judge and you deny the Christ. Apart from the Christ, there is no salvation.

I told you why I expect. Because in the same situation Christianity takes responsibility for its own misled members. Islam just makes excuses. You know people claiming to be you kill, steal, burn, lie, kidnap, and torture in the name of Islam, you think it's not your business. We don't think like that.

It's as if while you don't approve of evil done in your name, you won't prevent the evil or fix the results of that evil either. Which in my culture makes you a supporter of the evil done in your name. If you don't approve, stop them. If you can't stop them, fix their mess. If you won't do either one, at least prosecute them under the laws you boast of but seem to only apply when it suits you.

Islam celebrates the loss of another church and complains when your faith isn't shown more respect by those who have suffered in your name. Your Mosques deny the Christ. That is the work of Satan. But justice, a word you seem to like, doesn't hinge on that, it hinges on righting wrongs. If a Muslim burns a church, that is Islams responsiblity, he wasn't a Christian (after all he didn't do it for us he did it for you.).


11:58 AM Jan 07 2014


United States

They aren't the Crusaders. The Crusaders had homes in Europe, with families and obligations. While they intended to hold the land, that was only possible with a constant supply of young men willing to cross Europe back then, numbers that were hard to sustain. They were wrong to come, they came due to reports of Christian pilgrims being abused by Muslims in the Holy land, but they were still wrong. So are you. God created land with a word, He created us from His very breath. You would kill God's breath to obtain His word. Those who now fight for the land are as wrong to kill in His name for those lands as the Crusaders were.

Isreali's live there. They don't have homes to go to. You won't make them leave like Crusaders, you will trigger the end of the world. Both of our scriptures prophesy how this will escalate until the destruction of us all. It is you who refuse to make a deal, not them, not us.

11:43 AM Jan 07 2014


United States

Do you mean that Hamas is no longer the leadership of Palestine? Or do you mean that they are weak and controlled by the West? The West didn't want them, so why are they in charge and doing the negotiating? You have confused me. They were elected in 2006. Did they lose control since then? Or do you say they are lying to us all?

The Isreali settlement building is a common trick they do to claim land here too, it doesn't mean no solution is possible, it means they are building houses for the Palestinians. Everyone, including the US, has told them not to, if they do, it's their problem. But it will be an excuse used by those who don't want peace.

11:21 AM Jan 07 2014


United States

If you plan to go back to 1095, lets go back further, to when Arab armies drove the Jews from Judea following the collapse of Rome.

All of those people are dead. You can't help them. You can help those living now. But you keep them in war.

Westerns are NOT most of the reason for the last 100 years war.  That is flawed history. We only share blame equally with the other northern hemisphere idiots who war.

 WWI was Western but Japan started the war in the Pacific in WWII. I don't recall Westerns starting any of the Asian wars. We didn't start your wars with Isreal. We didn't start the wars in Africa. We didn't start Syria, Egypt, or Libya. We are just your scapegoat.

British and Westerns didn't support the creation of Isreal. British people died trying to prevent it. The Soviet Union supported the creation of Isreal, and sponsored it's recognition in the UN. But that doesn't suit the "hate the West" agenda you repeat now.

Not beside, with. You deny the Christ. There is no point in throwing our scriptures at each other, it is clear you know as little accurate truth about Christian doctrine as I know about Islamic doctrine.

"blam Islam for what some Muslims do." If the West was fighting for Palestine based on Christian beliefs, I would blame us in the same way. Your refusal to recognize any peace agreements the Palestinian leadership signs is based on your religion, not mine or the Jews. The West isn't arguing scripture for Isreal's existence, Islam is. Isn't that different?

"we have problems with westerns before Christianity""

There was no "West" before Christianity. Rome fought it's way into the West. Before Jesus, there was only the wild lands and the Roman Empire. What West do you mean? Christianity came to the West FROM lands that are now Islamic. They weren't then.

I use the word "Islam" because you use Islam as your justification for why you seek to deny Palestinian self-determination. If you have a different reason, please tell me. Ancient history isn't as reliable as the two times in the last 100 years Palestine involved itself in Western wars against those who won.

Isreal isn't your land, it's either Isreals or Palestines. Our ways matter because we are the ones who didn't LOSE WWI and WWII. Islam alone says it's your land. Yet you blame me because I say Islam.

Your last four lines are exactly what I find wrong with the way some practice your faith.

1. It certainly doesn't mean He supports Palestine either. I would think God is disgusted and angry at all of us. (but especially you and the Jews, this is your fight, we are just butting in.)

2. The Time of the Prophets ended with John the Baptiser. And before you throw sura's at me, mine don't agree with yours.

3. HAHAHA, yeah, I give millions to charity in secret. Sure. So is your answer that you do good for other Muslims? We were commanded to love everyone, even our enemies, to do good to those who hate us. Isn't that in the Koran? It's in the Bible.

4. I think you meant Churches. We know you encourge the building of Mosques. Christians think that Mosques work against God the way you think churches work against God. They weren't rebuilt by Christians because we believe Islam, they were built by Christians because they were destroyed by Christians.

The actions of our members are our actions, even when they sin, but you just shrug your shoulders and say "they aren't real Muslims". Well, those who attack Muslims and burn Mosques aren't real Christians but we still rebuilt your Mosque and jailed your attackers.

Churches burned there are just not rebuilt. Islam wins, and another church is driven from your lands. Hundreds have been burned, yet you cite your faith for why they weren't rebuilt. Where was your faith when they were burned in your name?

02:19 PM Jan 06 2014


United States

I just realized I am combining responses from different threads.

"Allah says in the Holly Quran : (Say, “Are those who know equal to those who do not know?” Only they will remember [who are] people of understanding.)
Dear, what you know is not more than collection of wrong information and thoughts that nobody can change only yourself.
One exemple comes from an american university, have a look (Harvard recognises Quranic verse as one of the greatest expressions of justice)"

I think Arabhamid uses the Koran to say that the Bible is a collection of wrong information and thoughts.

It was to that that the verses were referenced. We can all use scripture to insult, I vote we do not. I attempted to provide an example of that, I did not intend to insult you, your religion, or your Prophet.

This was from a discussion on the integrity of allowing Palestinian leaders to negotiate a peaceful solution with Isreal that other Muslims already plan not to honor.

09:28 AM Jan 06 2014


United States

Peyman, what about this part, did they rebuild those churches and our media not tell us?

" When a Mosque here was burned, Christian churches raised the money and rebuilt it. Many churches have been burned in your lands, which have been rebuilt by the congregations of your Mosques?"

I don't see love from Islam for anyone except for those who completely agree with them already. Sorry. I have seen Christian love for those who hate Christians. Teach me what I don't know about Islamic love.

09:22 AM Jan 06 2014


United States

Peyman, my other comments were intended for Arabhamid, who, if you read his posts concerning my religion, makes quite a few wrong assumptions. If you notice, he repeatedly claims I am misled and in error about God.

for you though,

1, I agree, Arabhamid does not apparently.

2. I didn't say they were. I said the words of Koranic wisdom that he quoted were there. 

We disagree on our faiths. The Bible contains a warning against one who would come in the future and teach a false doctrine. I don't say that person is your Prophet, but it might have been. It might have been other people or other religions, like Joseph Smith, so I don't know who the person is, but he might have been yours. Or maybe he hasn't come yet.

But if you guys are going to quote the Koran and use that to say that Islam is better than Christianity, then I am going to quote the Bible and say "we were warned many centuries before your prophets birth of his coming, and warned not to believe him as he was sent to lead others astray. That doesn't make Islam better than Christianity, it makes it suspect" 

I don't say that to you because I think you'd find it insulting. Since no one minds saying insulting things to me, I include it now. Islam isn't the only religion that teaches that it alone is right. If Arabhamid wishes to call Christianity false based on the Koran, it's only fair to remind him that all of our religions officially think the others are wrong. And we all have scriptures saying so!

3 Yes they do much good for their own. I was talking about people who build hospitals and care for those of other faiths, who help without conversion, who help those who hate them already. I've never seen any of that from Islam. Sorry but true. They help their own. Do you know who Mother Theresa is? If theres a similar ministry of Islam, please teach me about it. 

4. Didn't say Iran. Said Islam. The nuns are in Africa, six of them. There are ministers held in many nations. Arabhamid isn't Iranian he's in Africa, my comments were in reply to his comments.

Hope that helps.

08:59 AM Jan 06 2014


United States

So now you think we support Al Quaeda too? The only group you list that we do support are the Isreali's.

Hamas has been considered a terrort support group, the political arm of an organization that supports terrorism, since before they were elected to office in 2006. We called them Terrorists before they were in office.

We call many groups 'terrorists' because, while they may to good for you, they are the source of terrorism funding and recruiting and seek nothing but war with us. You can't expect us not to dislike those who swear permanent war against us and we don't. Those who support the killing with money or rhetoric, are as guilty as those who built the bombs. Accesories to the crimes. The way you blame us for what Isreal does.

Fair is fair.

10:31 PM Jan 05 2014


United States

Two standards.

When the evil is ours, you speak loudly. When the evil is yours, you tell us to mind our own business since we don't understand you or you blame us for their actions for creating such conditions that people feel compelled to murder in the name of Palestine.

I understand Islamic leaders are negotiating for a peaceful solution and Islamic followers don't plan to follow it. You say the leaders act in defiance, defiance of who?

You. Not us, not Isreal, you. They defy you. But it will be us who die for it. Those who believe as you do will kill us to prevent the peace.  And we will be blamed for that too.

We didn't elect the government of Palestine, we called them terrorists. Palestine elected them.  If they sign an agreement, your war should be with them. 

09:53 PM Jan 05 2014


United States

Concerning your opinion of my faith...

" About what we saw from Christans, we so only evil for thousand of years,"...

Which thousand? Islam is about 1300 years old I think. For a time the Church was led by great evil. What has been done to you in the last 50 years by Christians acting in the name of Christ?

"we saw wars that don't end,"...

Says the man who swears unending war over Palestine.

But which war didn't end? There hasn't been a Christian war in 200 years. 

"we saw discrimination for other nations and massacres against them."...

Like we see now in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Nigeria? Those who do or did these things are no more Christian than Islamic terrorists are Muslim. If you disagree, and think that they are indeed Christians than you must accept that those who do evil and claim to be Muslim are indeed Muslims. You can't have it both ways and be fair.

"check last hander of years, Christians empires occupied southers world and spead killing and discrimination everywhere, stilling resources of poor countries to build their material civilization, check your own country, killed orginal people and bring back people from africa as slaves for hundred of years and discriminated them for other hundred of years,"...

That is one long long sentence. But what you claim is not from the last 100 years, it's from the years when great evil hid among us, as it now does you. The Arab expansion wasn't exactly bloodless either. Evil works where it can in any group, any time.

"your christianity did not bring good to us."...

What good has Islam brought us? It's not "my" Christianity. We don't worship the Almighty for profit, nor expect "good" as the price of our worship.

We worship the Creator because only the Creator is worthy of worship and because the Creator has commanded our worship, we don't do it for our benefit or in the hope that good things will happen to us.  In the early days, Christianity brought death to believers. Christianity is Jesus, not Christians. Blaming sinful acts of Christians on Christianity is exactly like blaming sinful acts by Muslims on Islam.

Don't just assume a Western country is a Christian Empire. There hasn't been a Christian Empire in hundreds of years nor are any of Western nations ruled by our religion. I think you just see white people and assume they must be Christian. The most Christian nation on earth now is probably South Korea. Just because you have a problem with a Western nation, don't assume it has anything to do with Christianity.

 "sorry you know nothing about Islam as i read from you."...

I don't pretend to know anything about Islam. I know many people kill using Islam as justification. I know you blame us for that. I know many others support their killings as evidenced by the billions of dollars in donations the killers have available to them. I know all of you seem to have linked your faith with the destruction of Isreal. I know you neither know nor care about our ways, our beliefs, or our dead but you expect us to honor your religion, your customs and your dead.

Scholars from both faiths have debated for centuries, I don't think you and I are going to arrive at a conclusion by throwing verses at each other.  We already know we disagree.

If we can only interpret our scriptures through lens' of hate, we can only march blindly through the prophesies until we end the world together.

No one can stand against God. If Isreal is still standing, God is not on your side. When God is on your side, Isreal won't stand.

Or maybe you think Isreal's a punishment for you like the Babylonian Captivity was for the Jews. But the Jews didn't fight free, they were finally freed by their captors in the name of God and by a leader who, in Gods name, also gave them the land your willing to kill to restore.

Many Christians do good for those who don't believe or even hate them, is there an Islamic equivilent to Mother Theresa that I haven't heard of? When a Mosque here was burned, Christian churches raised the money and rebuilt it. Many churches have been burned in your lands, which have been rebuilt by the congregations of your Mosques?

I see no love, only hate of Isreal and the infidel. Is that what I'm getting wrong?

10:44 AM Jan 05 2014


United States

They are leaders who claim Palestine for Islamic reasons.  If they are lying to us it's either with your approval or with your indifference. Either way, if they are lying, they lie in the name of Islam. When does that bother you more than a cartoon did?

It's gone on for generations. You should fight the Palestinians who are negotiating, not those they are negotiating with. The Palestinians are the liars who disgrace your faith if all negotiations are meaningless.

It's probably easier to stand strong against the occupation when you live so far away. But if you won't honor a Palestinian peace, then you are partly to blame for Palestinian suffering. If Isreal's only possible victory is through Palestinian deaths, it was you who left them no choice but kill or be destroyed.

And if Isreal finally gets tired of dealing with the constant violence and declares open war to end Palestinians, you will be to blame for that too.

You insist your religious beliefs give you rights over others. They do not.

They are your beliefs, not mine, I think you are misled. You think I am misled. But I don't tell you that because I figured you knew. If you don't, let me remind you that so far, all of the passages of actual wisdom quoted from the Koran, were written already in the Bible. You are the misled. Jesus is the Christ.  What I've seen from real Christians is charity, love, and compassion for others, even those who don't believe as we do. What I've seen from Islam is they take care of their own and they justify the murders of others. I'm not the one who is misled.

I respect your religion, but considering that the only part of Islam that is consistent from follower to follower is "death to Isreal", your religion isn't going to be enough of an excuse to change my current thoughts on Isreal. Heck, you guys don't follow it, you expect us to follow it more? There has to be more to Islam than killing Infidels, destroying Isreal,and not eating bacon.

When do our beliefs receive any respect from you? Christians are imprisoned or held by those claiming to be Muslim in nations all over the world. Before you deserve any respect at all, maybe you should free the nuns being held hostage. Or the Pastors whose "crime" was sharing the gospel in a land where the overwhelming religious belief is "death to Isreal". 

Respect is earned. If you feel disrespected by the West, there's a reason.