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January 23, 2008

The contemporary political history of Shenzhen (SEZ)
[Transship from]World History Archive:

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·                               The history in general of Schenzhen (SEZ)

Shenzen domestics to get legal protection
Radio Australia, 9 January 2001. The country's first law aimed at protecting the welfare of maids and other home workers in the southern economic zone of Shenzhen.
Shenzhen to Sell Off Government Assets
China News Digest, 17 February 2002. Shenzhen's municipal government has developed a project to reduce its involvement in state-owned enterprises (SOEs), despite Beijing's explicit instructions to halt the disposal of state holdings.
Shenzhen Draft Law to Protect Labor Abuse
China News Digest, 8 July 2002. In an attempt to heal labor rights abuses within the city, Shenzhen has drafted a law to protect workers' rights, often at the mercy of private businesses and joint-venture companies.
The winds of change
By Rose Tang, Weekend Standard, 31 July 2004. The Institute of Contemporary Observation (ICO) is China's first and largest non-governmental organisation on labour rights. The Shenzhen-based institute, established in 2001, has introduced basic human rights to hundreds of factories and helped more than 200,000 workers throughout China, according to Liu Kaiming.

04:48 PM Feb 13 2008


Shen Zhen is a locality of build business.

02:20 AM Feb 01 2008



we r all chinese ,so i m behind u for good

January 11, 2008

China's Top 10 Tourist Cities
[Transship from] http://www.lifeinchina.cn/thread-907-1-2.html

City            Must See Attractions                Must Try Local Dishes
Beijing     The Great Wall, Forbidden City        Beijing Roast Duck
Shanghai    The Bund, Yu Garden                   Nanxiang Steamed Bun
Shenzhen    Splendid China Folk Culture Village   Shenjin Roast Goose
Guangzhou   Yuexiu Mountain, Nanao Island         Various Double-Stewed Soup
Hangzhou    West Lake, Yinlin Temple              West Lake Sweet & Sour Fish
Chengdu     Jiu Zai Gou, Emei Mountain            Hot Pot, Dried Beef
Wuhan       East Lake, Yellow Crane Tower         Wangji Chicken, Wuchang Fish
Nanjing     SunYatsenMausoleum/Confucius Temple   Dried Salted Duck
Qingdao     Laoshan Mountain, Zhanqiao Pier       Seafood
Tianjing    Great Wall at Huangya Pass            Goubuli Steamed Bun

January 11, 2008

As pome like song
[Prologue:]There are about sixty short interior spiritual poesies written in Chinese all by myself in my personal website.This is one of them and has translated into English by myself below!
[From my private Chinese website]

Sweet days like a rainbow,
Tearing time is dreamlike.
Time lapsed like a poem,
Years gone by is a song!