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November 1, 2016

1.) She's innocent on my first impression

I didn't see her at first, we just conversed

Till one time she showed her pictures

Yet my first impression never changed

2.) Then, I saw her and talked to her on cam

A few days after seeing her photos

Still my impression remained the same

She's innocent like a child bathing in the rain

3.) I like the way she talks

Though she's not quite good with her English words

I don't know how accurate my instinct is about her naivete

But from the bottom of my heart, it is a reality

4.) She's exquisite and delicate

Her beauty dazzles like the starting ray of dawn

She's Anastasia which sounds anesthesia...

A new friend of mine who is seldom and rare kind.

5.) For she's a hidden treasure buried in a far away island

Oh my friend Anastasia

Will you remain simple in nature for good?

So that I can keep you until the end of time

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