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May 9, 2017

1.   I was once in a miserable frame

But at the moment You God, called me out of nowhere,

I have been given  the chance to hope steadfastly

That a naught like me can be something special

Because Your love and mercy,  oh God, are boundless and phenomenal

2. Then I answered Your call by entering in Carmel

The place to be for a person like me

Who constantly thirsts for Your very presence, Lord

In Carmel, I found the long yearning of my soul

And now I sing in exultation with great felicitation.

3. I thank You with all of my heart, Lord

For destining me in Carmel

Which I believe, You deliberately acted.

I thank You for Your instruments and graces

I have dealt all the hardships in life assured

4. I thank You for Mother Bong and the sisters

Who warmly accepted me in spite of my flaws

I thank You for my mother who never fails to understand me

And to my relatives and friends who take part in my life's journey

5. Once and for all, I am now wedded to the love of my life

The Triune God who wants wholly my subjection, faithfulness and love

So now, let's celebrate through praising and glorifying God

For pulling us together in this clothing occasion

Let's be joyful and pray to God that we may be guided always to His path.

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