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Russian Federation

June 23, 2010



Anna Akhmatova(23.06.1889.-5.03.1966).

The portrait by O.Kardovskaya(1914)


My hands clasped under a veil...(1911)

My hands clasped under a veil, dim and hazy…
"Why are you so pale and upset?"
That’s because I today made him crazy
With the sour wine of regret.

Can't forget! He got out, astound,
With his mouth distorted by pain...
I, not touching the railing, ran down,
I was running to him till the lane.

Fully choked, I cried, “That's a joke --
All that was. You get out, I'll die."
And he smiled very calmly, like stroke:
"It is windy right here -- pass by."

Translated by Yevgeny Bonver, August, 2000
Edited by Orit Bonver, August 2000
  The Grey-Eyed King(1910)  Hail! Hail to thee, o, immovable pain!
The young grey-eyed king had been yesterday slain.

This autumnal evening was stuffy and red.
My husband, returning, had quietly said,

"He'd left for his hunting; they carried him home;
They'd found him under the old oak's dome.

I pity the queen. He, so young, past away!...
During one night her black hair turned to grey."

He found his pipe on a warm fire-place,
And quietly left for his usual race.

Now my daughter will wake up and rise --
Mother will look in her dear grey eyes...

And poplars by windows rustle as sing,
"Never again will you see your young king..."


© Copyright, 1996
Translated by Yevgeny Bonver, August 1996
 "Forgotten?"(1957)  Forgotten? I’m not even wondered!
Forgotten was I hundred times,
And times, I’m in grave, were too hundred,
May be, my corps now there lies.
And Muse was too deafened and blinded,
Was rotting – a seed – in soils’ mesh,
To rise then to blue of the Highland
Like Phoenix from blackness of ash

Translated by Yevgeny Bonver, August, 2002




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12:28 AM May 09 2011


Russian Federation

thank you so much!

Victory Day!!!


oh,  Alice ,again you happened to be at crazy tea party;)

01:52 PM Mar 07 2011


Russian Federation

thank you for cheerful poem of Sasha Cherny!

to be sincere and bold is not quite a task in the virtual world;)

I've noticed that snowdrops are unavailable on your profile

 so Niccolo Paganini sends you one of his favorite flowers

05:59 AM Mar 07 2011


Russian Federation

Dear Natalia,

we with Sergey Esenin would like to congratulate you with this wonderful day of spring!

 Tenderness and love!


Несказанное, синее, нежное...
Тих мой край после бурь, после гроз,
И душа моя - поле безбрежное -
Дышит запахом меда и роз...
   Cергей Есенин 




10:16 PM Feb 14 2011


Russian Federation

I cannot feel   "the sly one" in English...... only in Russian.

 thank you for giving me opportunity of rereading Arthur Rembaud with your eyes;)


My favoritites of him are  Ophelia, Dance of  the hanged man, the Drunken Boat.

09:54 AM Feb 14 2011

Russian Federation

Hello Yulia, thank you for the references! Another good poem! I've  read the Russian translation of Nina's Reply by Antokolskiy, not Vitkovskiy, and I concluded the Vitkovskiy's one is much better :) I don't speak French, but sometimes I try to read  it after reading in English to feel the rhythm. I often find it fifficult to name my favourite poem, book, and the like. I can say that I like many, for example, The Sly One, To Music and so on... 

11:16 PM Feb 13 2011


Russian Federation

Happy Valentine's day! Natalia!

 I would like to share  one more poem of  Arthur Rimbaud that I love

 Nina' reply (   http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/nina-s-reply-les-reparties-de-nina/)

  I started loving Arthur in Russian as I don't know French


 do you have your favorite of Rimbaud I wonder?



10:43 AM Jun 25 2010

Russian Federation

Thanks for the comment. It's difficult to learn Russian...that's true...

10:39 AM Jun 24 2010

Russian Federation

The translation naturally always is not quite adequate. By now I've accepted it (I used to be against). I just want people get to know the new poet and later read her poems. Smile

01:31 AM Jun 24 2010


Russian Federation

sorry     I was in a hurry   

I mean

I like reading Ahmatova but sounding in English her poems seems to lose the magic

 the moral is when you re in a hurry better to be silent;)

08:55 PM Jun 23 2010


Russian Federation

congratulate you with the birthday of the great Russian poet!Embarassed  Wish you  romantic mood!

I like reading Ahmatova but her poems seems to use the magic sounding in English