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Viet Nam

December 16, 2010

Friends often consider me as a confident person about many things because I never stop before any problem from a child. Actually, it is hard to say about myself. I had this thing because of my grandmother's advice "Never stop before your problem in your life. Each problem will help you have a new experience" I believed and do it.

These recently day, I really feel very tired and want to stop all things. Seem I lost my confidence now, cannot do anything....Stressful.... 

I know I should continue and try more and more but.... I think I need to have relax time now.

Anyways, I like weather in Vietnam these days although it is so cold in North side but it is great because I am living in South side with cool weather and sunlight.

Christmas and New Year is coming soon. Do not have any snow in here and I also never seen snow before but I believe that next year will be a good year for me.

Sometimes, we feel tired with life because we had so many things to think, to do. My head is full now....

How about your? If you are tired, what do you like to do?

Please share....

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View all entries from weekend >

07:41 AM Jul 28 2011

Talk Now

Talk Now

Hi Dear Ali ,

there are nothing is completely perfect , we aren't  made from iron , sometimes we lose owr power , we musn't feel frustration for that , it's a new experience to learn from it .

How about your? If you are tired, what do you like to do?

relaxe , meet good freinds , imagine happy things and change some thing in my life .

and remember the popular saying (any horse may stumble , any sage may err) Smile