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May 23, 2013

What years offer us is a mere opportunity to meet people. Either they are there to help you find yourself or to help them find themselves. The difference between these aftermaths  lights at the very heart of human development. Inner peace consequently comes out of that consolidation between what you teach people and what they teach you in return. This vantage point forges eventually that feeling of "missing somebody".... you miss that compromise, that equilibrium , that mutual understanding which is no longer there ;when that somebody whom you choose to be the other side of the compromise  walks out of your life. What is left is a single choice: to move away and just breeding that feeling of "missing somebody"...

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03:56 AM May 26 2013


Instead of crying on the spelt milk, we should keep our own friends in every way of mutual understanding , familiarity and and settle down all the claching points between each other. I know a friend who wants to be friendly with others but being hesitated or worried or wants to escape from his friend without any considerable reasons and in same time that person pretends to be friendly , can this person be a friend or he or she may insist on missing the other ?!

05:16 AM May 24 2013



Ending a relationship or friendship is one of the hardest things in life, and what comes as a result is missing the person who once stood right in the middle of your heart and at the center of your life. That feeling never goes away over time even though we expect time to just sweep it away for good. Yet we cannot blame time for that. Nor can we blame fate for the sadness and loneliness that we have to live with.

I am not sure whether there is a complete solution for this pain or not but I found a reasonable solution in learning to live with that feeling. Now I embrace the sweet moments and memories I had with those people, and even sometimes the sad feelings I experienced with them put a smile on my face now. I cannot say I am completely okay with their being gone. The feeling is still there but at least I came to accept the reality.

And I even made up my personal saying : "Some people leave our life. Some people come into our life. We should let those who want to leave leave but we should always leave the door ajar for those who will come in."

One last thing, whatever happens in your life, move on. Whoever leaves you, move on. Whoever comes into your life, welcome them kindly and embark on a new adventure with them. And enjoy the ride. :)