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diary of 2008




March 11, 2008

   iam terribly ill now.   i have a bad toothache. i wanna bite people. it is painful.


,,,,a long day,,

02:16 AM Mar 11 2008


Iran, Islamic Republic Of




March 7, 2008

  how  are u guys// wish u all fine. 

  why i lost a client?  my  so  sad. whocan help me? i don't like chinese businessman. they have a bad fame in the business world.  most of the products are made inchina and we are proud of it but  most of the fake from china also.  they lost heart of  made-in -china.... i hate this china.. . it is harder to do a successful business. if the client doesn't trust us at  all , how to do it ?

   secondly, most people bought present from abroad, but they are made in china . funny? there are many korean-owned factory in qingdao shandong province. they supply the job to us, but  it causes air pollution. the salary is  1000 per month, lower than workers in korean.korean people look down upon chinese.  they learn chinese and talking chinese but they don't treat chinese seriously. why? my country is not richer than korea. but they are making money in china. lots korean say that  china is a poor country. china is a developing country, it develops fast these days. bad china and good china. 

  some girl of chinese thought all foreigners are millonaires. itis a great plesure to married american, french, etc.they can go to sleep even don't know the foreigner 's name...my god. isit a chinese?? they lose face of our chinese. i saw a blog on yahoo. itis said that one of the African write  the word" how many chinese girl he use "   "use"  iam furious of the word " use" where is our dignity? what is the value of the dignity? Wake up, chinese girl.. it is safe here in china . it is our bornplace. 

 if u wanna havea better situation of ur life, pzl love urself, don't  treat urself carefully...

   there is a bright future of china. in the year of 2020, they all admire we are chinese. chinese will be instead of english to be  the universal language in the world...



11:14 PM Mar 13 2008



Chines people are very modest to foreign friends.But no one will blame you,coz you are a  lovely and young girl!

09:04 PM Mar 08 2008


 i am a chinese and i very proud it  , i accept you advice  i hate 韓国人verymuch!!!!!!!!!!  nearly future china is the first of the world   i trust it   

05:59 PM Mar 07 2008

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hi honey , why ? why?

February 28, 2008

hey, guys, look at my pic carefully.  it is me,ok? don't bother me next time. does it really important  to see my photos??

 see u.. and don't ask for my pic  again, thanks ..

07:43 PM Mar 05 2008



Thanks for your repidly reply.

Wish you happy everyday.

Best regards.