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diary of 2008




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March 27, 2008

  it is cloudytoday.    so bad. i like sunshine day.

 where are my friend on ebaby. it seemed that they are so busy to keep in touch. i shouted Ayaka , but she has not heard me.  oh..  heart-broken again. but i like to make new friends too.just honest friend.

   i will go to the dentist  today.my god. the toothache really kill me. it will be good sonner , kick it out of my mouth.. i told u am in love with a guy. yeah, we had a good talk last night. hehe, he is really humor. he will back home on Apr. so i am preparing for the date. am looking forward to that day..

   fighting.   iam watching a korean show.. romantic, my favor.


see ya


09:58 AM May 14 2008




09:13 AM Apr 18 2008



Hi,Linda!! How's doin'?

It's me,Ayaka from Japan:) It has been long time since we last talked!!I'm so sorry that I couldn't ...I'd love to talk to u!!and I missed u badly:D

I'm very glad to hear that u're doing good in life and also love:)How was the date with him?XD

U know,this spring vacation,I was planing to visit China,but I couldn't because of my personal reasons,so after graduating from high and entering university,I'm sure that I'll go and learn there so I'll be very glad if u give me some info about China:)

Unfortunately,i don't think that I can come more often than I used to,but please remember that I'll never froget about my friends and I'll be happy if u forgive my rudeness... 

I must feel thankful to god to let me meet such great friends like you♪

u know,u r my best friend here:)

oh,my bad habit appeared..I wrote too much...sorryX0 Anyway,I wish everything will be wonderful to u:)

Best wishes,


09:52 PM Mar 30 2008



u really fall in love with a guy ! however congratulations ! hope u can get ur true love ! (several days no visiting e-baby , just know this information , isnt too late to congratulate u ?)

11:41 AM Mar 28 2008


hi da nice profine.............be a friend....take care


March 25, 2008

 iam so happy today. my prince has appeared. isit too early  to say that? anyway, he is the first man of my life.terribly, he is on business in shanghai. itis far away from my city. but he will back to home on April. iam looking forward to that day. itis so exciting.  i will dress up to meet him. i don't who is him, is he tall, handsome or gentle. i don't know. but it doesn't matter.itis really a good news to me..

   where is my client? they are hard to go with. i have not any order from them.i feel so depressed.one of them from Romania. he is friendly at first, but after i quoted,he has disappeared. why?? why not discuss with the price? all of them are them same man. quoted then disappeared. so i dare not to quote directly.  too bad. sometimes, i have nothing to do. feel bored.  but i have to sit before the computer and stare at the clock.  waiting for the lunch.


07:54 PM Mar 25 2008

chinese fire

get him!

March 13, 2008

  have u seen Ayaka? where is the girl from Japan? i haven't heard from her for a long time, and miss her much. whatis happened to her. she is the best friend of mine on ebaby.  actually, she is a lovely and kind girl.

   i didn't like Japanese before. caz all chinese have the same feeling .but i should  say not all japanese are unfriendly.some of them are good person.they must obey the rules of their country caz itis their own country.

  i have nothing to do thesedays. my toothache kills me.ineed to the dentist next week. imet a client from uk.he iskinda nice person. but he needs my pic. i really hate this. imust think of carefully. what will happen between us? he will come to guangzhoufair on 26th April. he invites for a drink. but i prefer juice.hehe. isit a romantic date? iam not  sure.  the write snow and herprince lived in the fairy tale. Business is business.

    some of my people prefer to get married to foreigners. they like to show off the marriage of external.but i really don't like this marriage. though i know english. i think it is hard to know them well. western culture and oriental culture are definitely different. iam safe here , in my area. i will stay from cradle to grave.Tongue out




10:56 PM Mar 13 2008



Ayaka is one of my best  friends too,I miss her very much!I hope she will come to China one day!