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C'est ma vie



Viet Nam

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August 1, 2010

Time's still passsing by as a stream

which will sweeps away all of nice memory I had.

I know I 'll lose you someday.

I see your smile when I close my eyes

I cry when I catch your shape in the crowded street

I just can look at toward the street

& see your shadow's faded away

Our love memory recalls & then dissapears

I still walk walk along the street

with my shadow

I walk in the sunshine

I walk in the rainy day

I will find my way . . . to you

I try to retain it


Never can I do it

My tears drop fall

I'm impuissant to hold you back.

No words can express my feeling, my love for you

I'm a fool in the strange world

a dust in the wind

a pebble in the enormous ocean

My life's just momentary

I'll keep my eyes on you


Never can I leave you

I'll be besides you always

even if you will be vanished one day

I hope you will always be happy

Pray for you my darling




I believe in things unseen

I believe in the message of a dream

And I believe in what you are

Because you love me

With all my heart & all my soul

I'm lovin' you & I never will let go

And everyday I let it show

Because you love me "