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My first blog


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

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August 28, 2012

hello my dear friends!

i was watching ''The vampire diaries'', which of you see it??

in my opinion it's Great!

what about you?!

04:15 AM Sep 04 2013


United Kingdom

i prefer action and romance movies , do u watch ( browen sugar )

01:58 AM Aug 29 2012

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

thank u dear! i really like Damon!

but i also like Jerremy,Klaus and Stefan! ;)

01:42 AM Aug 28 2012

sugar cane

sugar cane

hello ! i didn't know it,so i did a computer search for it.

then,there was Japanese official site !


who is your favorite actor in this drama ?


August 26, 2012

this is my first blog!

and i don't know what to write here!

so just hello to everyone!!!

take care of yourselves!!!