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February 9, 2008

  Once my headteacher said to me :" You should have a red sun in your heart."I'm too young at that time ,so I can't understand the accurate meaning of The red sun .As time goes by, I have experienced ups and downs of the life .I find I come to understand what is the red sun in one's heart.

  A Japanish boy Gaara ever said :" One alive should have a goal.If not ,what's the differences between alive and dead." A Chinese thinker said :" There are hard things and easy things in the world .If you do it, hard things will be easier, or the easy things will be harder." Then what is the red sun .It's the goal of our life; it's the courrage we have to make hard things easier;it's the belief of the life that will stick with us when we are in stuck; it's the light tower in our life ,even in the darkest days ,it will ligth up our way and lead us to a brief future.

  Living is not always an easy thing , so sometimes we have to face different kind of challenges from every side. A perfect man is the winner after thousands of wars against nature, society, fate and so on .To tell the truth ,not everyone can be perfect. But one who don't want to be perfect is not a good man. Although we may not become perfect, we can become a real man .Then what is a real man ? A real man can be destoryed ,but not defeated;a real man is the one who will try his best to capture it when he were in the storm, may be he have fears ,maybe he fell lonely,even he ever had an idea to give up .But at last ,he succed in beating all of these.Then took his weapen and came to wipe out his enemies .At that time ,the result is that important.A real man is the winner in the war against himself.

  Boys and girls ,if you have a knowledge of the history, if you know something about the nature.You will find the so called "complex problems" you are facing are too small.They are so small that there's even no worth telling them to others. So, put back your complaining to others,to society .It's really no use .It's just an excuse to giving up .When you are old, you will find it's silly of not to do something when you are young. So ,take your courrage and try your best to achieve your goal.Never care much about what the result will be and never asking what will happen in the future.

  Sakula ever said everything had been arranged before we were born .I believe Sakula, but I don't believe this so called fate. If there is really fate in the world ,then let the storm come more violently!

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