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May 5, 2008

         Live free or died hard.A movie`s name.It can perfectly express my feelings right now.                                                   

          I`m 23 old and about to graduate.Do some part time jobs for increasing my work experiences.During doing part time job I realized what is true meaning of pressure what is true meaning of competition what is ture meaning of helpless and  what is true meaning of callosity.I was confused despried and frighten.I was noboby !

          However, I must pull myself together to fight in the realistic world for my family who told me what was love for my parents who gave me life and brought me up for my three best friends who knew me 10 years.I must fight.I must fight as a fareless soldior as a warrior.I must be faithful.

        Only strong survive.This world does not  smpaize on the failures.Only strong survive.You must strive for your goal.Only strong survive.You can go through those pains tears frustrations to become man

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