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April 14, 2008

Cool hello everyone ... i really would like to find a new friends for me ..because i think no one can live in this world without a friends .because you know when you are sad or homesick the only the person can help you , that is your best friend..and if you have a such kind of best friend every time you feel like you living with your family ... ( if you live alone in other country ) so guys listen to me i am searching for suck kind of best friend on here ( ebaby )because i am so boring iive alone ,,,,it trives me crazy,..... and it makes me unhappy....yeah here is my email address if some one like to make friendship with me be can be a good friends in the future ,,,,, Samuel_520@rediffmail.com  !!!!!    Skype : Sam22em      . and i think nothing i cant say more than this he ,,,,,, just chat by Skype face to face ,,,,, just wright some letters each other by email ..... just drink cup of coffee if we live in the same country ..... bye my friend see ya , ,,,, 

April 8, 2008

Hey . Ya ! this is Sam here , hem what to say? but i like to find out real friendship with aby one around the world , and i would like to chat with my new friends . by the way this is my email addres ------ Samuel_520@rediffmail.com       if you guys like to make a good friendship with me  you are every time welcome ......