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March 14, 2010

...that you LIKE TO LOVE ME, i ran away
but you chose to STAY.

...that i cant be BESIDE YOU but i'm
always behind watching you.

...that love exist within between us
and thought it doesn't happen to grow
but you nurtures it.

...that we both are scared to hurt each
other but to lose and ease the pain
just by loving.

...that think i don't like you but my
heart beats just for you.

...that think i don't care but want to
hold you in my arms.

...that i may not get to see you as
often as i like, but i holds every
thoughts of you in mind

...that when i first known you, i never
thought that you'd be special to me.

...that you respect me in ways you look
at me, play my hair, nosed my nose,
loving touch, subtle whispers that
cause me to laugh and blush.

...that i never regret the amount of
love im giving you to the fullest as
much as i can without doubt and fear.

...that you can see it very clear the
way i act when you're near.

...that i loved you for who you
are......not the way i wanted you to

...that we simply hurt each other for
no reason but colder actions and
response, why?

...that you were so worried about if i
leave or have to forgot, no i cant!

...that you'd hurt my feelings but i'd
still forgive.

...that i live in your heart where my
life belongs to.

...that no matter how difficult things
are, i would do anything for you.

...that now, just the thought of you
makes my heart glow.

...that i am thankful, I HAVE ONLY ONE

...that i never thought that this would
happen falling for you.

...that my life and soul are satisfied
simply because of an angel like you.

...that i want you to know, i may not
that so sweet but gently loving you.

...that I have one wish.....to lose my
last breath within the warmth of your
arms and breath!!!

...is the expressions of someone like
me being in love to an angel!!! it's a
day just passing the time on internet!!


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