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January 16, 2008

I bet on you love Turkey if you have a chance to visit here Cool

Please contact me if you have any questions for Turkey!!!

You can ask me anything about Turkey if you think to travel...

Hey hey hey please don't understand this message as an advertisement, you don't need to join my tour programs, I am always ready to help because of my country and meeting new people...Innocent Laughing


10:04 PM Dec 12 2009


Iran, Islamic Republic Of


I wanna climb Ararat mountain next year ,can you direct me?

10:11 AM Apr 02 2009



hi Yilca

   nice to know u. i know turkey is a beautiful country but i can tell u that MORROCO is more beautiful

January 12, 2008

Hey friends... I hope you are all fine...

Have you ever been Turkey???

If not and if you think to come here, why don't you contact me and let's see if I can help you..

I have a travel agency in Cappadocia... So please don't hesitade to ask your questions to me.

It is pleasure to me try to help you... Come on! Contact me..

my company web address is: www.paranturkeytour.com


My company e-mail is: info@paranturkeytour.com


Kiss all of you.... Bye;)