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February 27, 2015



February 20, 2015

don't bother me,i need to sleep my favorite designer yohji yamamoto cupcake for myself

cupcake for myself

March 9, 2015

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| 12:26 PM Feb 28 2015



I haven’t seen Vampire Diaries. So I don’t know Demon. But I am sure he is handsome. All main characters are handsome and beautiful.

| 08:27 AM Feb 28 2015


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think this kind movies about vampires with handsome and pretty ppl who act in movies are very different with those horror movies like witches and dracula …
I never wath those real scary movies and indeed I cant sleep after seeing bloody scenes but nowaday there are very cute and interesting series and movies about supernaturals and vampires!
Ppl fall in love with them and now we have good and bad vampires!!! :))))
Sometimes we wish good luck for good vampires!;
I guess the movie is more attractive than its book!
Try it! ;-)

| 06:43 AM Feb 28 2015



I cannot even say if it’s he or she :) Oh, sorry, I’ve already found the picture, it’s from “Twilight.” I wasn’t able to read to the end of the first book… Maybe there were something interesting there, but I haven’t read it to the middle. Is a movie better than that book?

| 06:11 AM Feb 28 2015



Good night S&W. Sweet dreams;)
Mahtab, I used to like horror movies but never was able to sleep. I was mostly afraid of the witches with big noses and sharp nails. The movie Dwarf’s nose, Germany, the witch from there still haunts me from my childhood. She even once came to me at night. :) I think Germany beat Hollywood in the most scariest make up of the witch.

| 05:58 AM Feb 28 2015


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Oh Olya!
Do you want to scare us?!!!:)))
My family always ask how do you sleep after watching theis kind movies but actually they are more funny than scary! :

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