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I'm waiting for a friend who can improve my enlish


Viet Nam

I'm very blue because I can't speak and listen to English as well as I want. Can you help me? I'm Vietnamese. I'd love to travel. I love everyone I meet.

01:53 AM Aug 10 2006 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

   Hello'How are you,excuse for lating answer your email.I was very busy. It seems you are very celver , intelliget and selfconfident young man.You worte that you are sutding in crowded class.And quality of learning is not so good.In my opinion if you try you will get every thing that you want.You ask me I will help you. Tell more about your country and something that you think more about it.

                         thanks  Have nice day Hassan

01:52 PM Aug 19 2006 |