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about have a foreign boy\gril friend

Lemon Zhu


Hi friends,there is a question:would you like to have a boy\gril friend from other country?If yes ,which country would you want he\she come from ?And why?If no,why?

Talk about your opinion.Laughing

02:34 AM Jan 06 2008 |

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Hua Lee

Hua Lee


Yes, i want to find a Korea girl firend.Beaucse in my opinion,the Korean girls are softnessly and kindnessly,i like this type of girls.

03:05 AM Jan 06 2008 |



United States

Having a foreign girlfriend or boyfriend is a great way to learn a foreign language!  That's because they are very patient when you make a mistake, and take the time to have lot's of one-on-one conversations. Many times it seems like people get impatient if you do not speak their language perfectly, but a nice girlfriend or boyfriend will help you even if your language ability isn't so high.

09:14 AM Feb 18 2008 |

Lemon Zhu


Yes! I am agree with you !

09:32 AM Feb 18 2008 |