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I want to speak english well just like I speak my native language!




What can I do?

05:02 AM Sep 03 2006 |

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mai lan huong

Viet Nam

Hi, I'm Vietnamese and I have the same problem like you but the best thing I can do is try and try my best to read newspapers in English in order to improve my vocabulary.I want to chat and make friend with everybody who like to practise English but till now I can't do it because I don't have much time to chat and I just send message to my friends of course in English. If you want to speak English well I think you should read English books, listen on radio You shouldn't think by your language and then translate into English, you must think by English and speak what you think, gradually you will be successful. Bye.

03:24 AM Sep 08 2006 |



I think the most useful way is watching the English flims.But you know this is all depends on yourself,if you work hard you can find that speaking English is quite a funny thing.Keep moving ,nothing is impossible!

At last I wish you will finally reach your goal!!!


12:59 PM Sep 08 2006 |

Ravi Chandra


Hi I am an Indian. i am also trying to speak fluently when it comes to writing part all my friends said you have good writing skills when it comes to speaking part i cant open my mouth till last year. now i am able to speak some what english because of my lecturers. give up fear then you will become a good speaker. speak whatever you want in english in front of mirror try this for just 30 days then see the results. ihope u will practise this. all depends upon your will. 

05:20 PM Sep 08 2006 |




hi I have the same problem but i hope improve my vocabulary by in anyway

06:35 PM Sep 08 2006 |

mai lan huong

Viet Nam


Thank you for liking my ideas. I'm not good at speaking English too, but I have  been finding how to speak English well and now I think I can practise English by looking at myself in a mirror and speaking whatever I think of, talking to one of my friends who like practising English too in English and making friend with everybody from other countries by the net.

If you have difficulties about vocabulary, you should try and try to read English stories such as : The tales of two cities, Deadlock, Night without end, Adventures of Tom Sawyer and so on. I think when you read much you will accumulate a large of vocabularies.

that are my ideas.

Try and try with your best.

if you want to make friend with me, contact me by sending mail.

my e-mail address is : maihuongcvdn at gmail.com

at = @

09:08 AM Sep 20 2006 |




hi im ghada im19 years old . im egyptian. i know some english .
but its been 3 years , i never spoke or read any thing in english.

my email address is :


05:59 PM Sep 20 2006 |


United States

I have same problem like you. I understand what people talk to me, but I can't talk back to them like the way they talk to me. I am very upset. Besides watching TV, reading books, I think we should practice to speak English everyday.

01:24 AM Sep 21 2006 |


United States

I like MaiLanHuong's ideas. Read a lot of books. But sometimes I found a lot of words I don't understand. How can you learn more vocabulary everyday?

01:29 AM Sep 21 2006 |



This is also my problem, I can read, understand an even write English but I can't speak, this is becouse I'm afraid to say somenthing wrong or funny and always when I tried I have to limit my sentences.

05:00 AM Sep 21 2006 |






  i am not good also but i have one more idea how to reach your goal.Have u friend who learn english like u? Than speak only in english.Who don.t,should be punished ,but not so hard,just for joke.Wink


08:29 AM Sep 21 2006 |