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Personality test



United Kingdom

Try this test below.  It's a personality test and can give some interesting information about yourself.  Do it quickly to get best results.  If enough people post it back here, i'll add the analysis at the bottom later..Just for fun!

  1. You are walking through a forest; describe it.


  2. Through this forest is a path; describe it.


  3. Along the path you come upon a key; what does it look like; what condition is it in?
    Do you pick it up?


  4. Farther along the path you find a cup; what does it look like; what is it made of; what condition is it in?
    Do you pick it up?


  5. As you continue walking, you come to an obstacle; describe it.
    What do you do? If you go around it or past it, then how?


  6. Next you happen upon a body of water; describe it.
    Do you get in it? How fast is it flowing?


  7. As you walk along, you come to a shelter of some sort; what does it look like?
    Do you spend the night?


  8. Finally, you're walking along when you reach a fence; what does this fence look like; what is it made of; what condition is it in?

    Beyond the fence is a field; describe that.

    Do you go over the fence into the field?                                                                                                                       

08:20 PM Jan 15 2008 |

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1. It is filled with trees that is lively and green.

2. The path of this forest is long and filled with leaves on the ground.

3. The key looks silver but  it's covered with a little dirt and burried under leaves.

4. The cup is a antique cup made of metal and it's not in a bad state at all, just needs to be cleaned.

5. The obsticle would be a big wide rock, so i would go over it. I'll but my leg as high as i can to reach the top inorder for me to get over.

6. The water is clear but filled with leaves, and it's not that high, it's up to my thigh. In order to get to the other side i did go in it. It's not flowing fast, it's calm.

7. The shelter that i see is durable. It was there for a while, but it seems to be well kept, so i spent the night.

8.This fence is silver and looks like cords intangled into one another. This fence is made out of metal. it's in good condition.

The field beyond the fence is filled with nice ripe fruits and vegetables. yes i did.

12:55 AM Jan 16 2008 |



United Kingdom

OK, so here's the analysis!

  1. The forest represents your outlook on life; how you feel (overall) about life.


  2. The path represents your plan in life, and is generally more current; i.e. how your life is being lived, or how you see it going.


  3. The key represents knowledge.
    If you pick it up, then education is important to you.


  4. The cup represents your view of love. Was it broken or fragile? Was it solid and complete, pretty, clean or covered with dirt?


  5. The obstacle represents the challenges in your life; how you normally handle them or deal with them.


  6. The water represents sex.
    If you get in it, this means that you basically feel good about it. If not, perhaps you avoid it, or it's not particularly important to you, or enjoyable.  The speed represents your sex drive.


  7. The shelter is your view of home life.
    Again, if you spend the night, it's likely you feel comfortable about your present home situation.


  8. The fence represents religion. Does it have hard lines, or broken ones? Is it imposing, or easy to jump over?

    The field represents your view of heaven. Is it pleasant, or threatening?

    Do you go over the fence and into the field? If so, you're probably not afraid of death.

08:46 PM Jan 16 2008 |



Serbia and Montenegro

i just walking along with some lovely animaland horrible creature

10:01 AM Jan 17 2008 |



Serbia and Montenegro

some various stone under my foot .they are not in shape,it is difficult to walking ,i just looking forward a beam of sunlight

10:06 AM Jan 17 2008 |



Serbia and Montenegro

i pick up the key ,through another narrow path,along it ,for a while, a door is appear in my eye,

10:11 AM Jan 17 2008 |



Serbia and Montenegro

 i take the cup with some ancient word on it,

10:14 AM Jan 17 2008 |



Serbia and Montenegro

the path becoming more dark ,i heared some strange voice like wild animal .i try all my strength runing,it's sound close me,at this time ,a peroncome out with mask,

10:22 AM Jan 17 2008 |



that was a great reply one can give

11:42 AM Jan 17 2008 |



Palestinian Territory, Occupied

  1. not so light, not so dark.. full of trees , voices and small and strange insects
  2. i see there in a path but not clear
  3. old key, corroded, i will not pick it.
  4.  the cup made from wood, empty, i won't pick it.
  5.  the obstacle is a hole..  i will search for a big peace of wood.. i will pass it by any way.
  6.  it is sooo fast "waterfall or river"... i will try to taste the water 
  7. it is old and not clean, full of insects.. i won't spend the night in.
  8. it is made from wood, old, broken.
  9. field is a field of wheat or barley .. it is all yellow
  10. yes i will, i will look for someone there         


i think am difffffffeeccuuult girl .. do u?                                                          

02:14 PM Feb 19 2009 |




1- there are high trees and blue sky with singing birds and butterflies and lake.

2- it's along one with flowers an it's sides .

3- it's an old key , it's circle and for sure i will pick it .

4- the cup is circle and  big cup made of wood .

5- i see alion i will continue walking without letting him see that i am afraid .

6- it's acalm water ,pure and clean , it's not very high i can walk in it .

7- it's asmall house i will spend the night in it but i will be careful.

8- it's green fence mad of gress and wild flowers , the field beyond the fence full of strawberry , i will go over the fence and eat some of it but first i will clean it .

02:54 PM Feb 19 2009 |