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More Help with Chinese!



United States


 Hello All! I was wondering if any Chinese speakers could help me determine if the following sentences in Chinese are correct. Please help me if you can!!



Big, Small, Many, Few [finished 2/14/08]


美国 大 吗? Is the United States big?
美国 很 大。 The United States is very big.
中国 大 吗? Is China big?
韩国 大 吗? Is Korea big?
韩国 不 大。Korea is not big.
韩国 是 小。Korea is small.
中国 很 大。 China is very big.
上海 人 很 多 吗? Does Shanghai have a lot of people?
上海 人 很 多。Shanghai has a lot of people.

北京 人 很 多。 Beijing has a lot of people.

东京 人 很 多 吗? Does Tokyo have a lot of people?

书店 大 吗? Is the bookstore big?
书店 不 大。The bookstore is not big.
书店 很 小。The bookstore is very small.

宾馆 大 吗? Is the hotel big?

你的 大学 大 吗? Is your university big?
我们的 大学 小。Our university is small
你 大学的 学生们 多 吗? Does your university have a lot of students?
我们大学的 学生们 很 多。Our university has a lot of students.
外国人 很 小。There are very few foreigners.

外国人 不多。There are not many foreigners.

02:52 AM Feb 15 2008 |

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外国人 很 小。There are very few foreigners.

except for this one…

actually it should be 外国人很少.

 PS. 你大学的学生们多吗? Does your university have a lot of students?
我们大学的学生们很多。Our university has a lot of students.

it's more natural if you say it like 你大学的学生多吗?&我们大学的学生很多。just skip the character 们

03:25 AM Feb 15 2008 |

Lemon Zhu


I am sorry to tell you that you have a familiar mistake just like many people :

少: it's mean not many .(it's about the quantity)    小:it's mean small (it's about the size)

I hope I can help youLaughing

07:24 AM Feb 15 2008 |




i think you're good,because chinese is a little difficult,so keep on learning,you can be much better!

10:49 AM Feb 17 2008 |

blue paper

blue paper


that's good ,it's not easy to understand 少and小,maybe there are so many problems when you study chinese like I study English,cheer up!

11:16 AM Feb 17 2008 |



United States

Hey guys thats for all your help!!! I will correct the sentences as soon as possible!!

 Thank you again if there is anything I can do to help wtih your English please let me know!!

12:25 PM Feb 17 2008 |