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successful communicator !



Viet Nam

  HI everybody I am Mai from Viet Nam ,as you know there is difference between  culture of other countries ,so up to you how to become a successful communicator ?

Thanks first and welcome you to viet nam to discovery our culture !

04:00 PM Mar 25 2008 |

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snow flower


hello, daomai,your photo is so cute,I think you must be a becautiful girl ,if you agree with me,introduce your country's culture for me, I am looking forward for you.

03:29 AM Mar 26 2008 |

didi da'great


mastering the language is the key for a successfull communication

03:13 AM Mar 28 2008 |




03:38 AM Mar 28 2008 |



hello everyone

I hope every thing is ok with all of you and I'm very happy to write with you

I think the SMILE is the best way to communicate with other after the  language as second step

06:48 PM Mar 28 2008 |



Viet Nam

thank all of you so much ,IF have chance i will introduce you about my country _VIET NAM

02:56 AM Mar 30 2008 |


Viet Nam

yeah, Viet Nam is a nice destination for all of you guys, with special customs, beautiful places that attract millions of people all around the world every year.

WHy dont you come to discover that sort of things? I am sure that you will NOT be disappointed if you  are here, in my country _ VIET NAMLaughing

 Hi, daomai. I am Oanh from Ha Noi, and u?

10:18 AM Mar 30 2008 |



Viet Nam

hi chocolate 88 .Iam also in hanoi too.my hometown is bac ninh .Nice to meet you .if possible we can contact on yahoo messenger .my ID : dao_mai_iaac

welcome all of you .we talk and make friends !!!!!!!( improve our English )

01:40 PM Mar 30 2008 |




hi every one  it thrue  to lear¨ new language is very inportant maybe  your love  is out of home  or your  new job  keep going and practice  your new language

09:32 PM Mar 30 2008 |