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Hi, teacher,

I read an e-mail from a commercial, it says:
1.”suddenly there’s a nip in the air, the trees shed their flowery summer dresses and adorn in a spray of autumn colors and soon gracefully, joyfully, colorfully, Autumn enters into our lives.”
About “adorn in a spray of autumn colors”, I think I can understand its meaning, but I don’t know how to use “adorn” this word, and “adorn in a spray of…” is commonly used?
2.”Dunno ‘bout you, but Autumn sure does make me want to… reach out.”
What does “Dunno” here mean?
What does “reach out” mean? Does it mean to contact with friends?

Thanks for your help.

07:07 AM Oct 11 2001 |

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Sara I think I can answer your question..

The author was being very poetic when he said “the trees shed their flowery summer dresses adorn in a spray of autumn colors”.. I don’t think an American would say something like that in a conversation for example.. What the author meant here is that the leaves of the trees changed their colors and now it looks like it’s fall… The word “adorn” means to lend beauty to something, to decorate… I’ve heard it being used several times…

Dunno means “I don’t know”

I’m not 100% sure but according to the context of this excerpt, “reach out” does mean to get in touch with people, make friends… Maybe someone at Ebaby can give you a more accurate answer on this one!

Take care!

03:50 AM Oct 12 2001 |




Hi, Thewackyguy, (a little longer..-)

Thanks for your answer, it’s definitely clear enough, but about “adorn”, I still can’t understand how to use them correctly, could you please give me some examples?
Thanks a lot and have a nice day,


08:28 AM Oct 12 2001 |