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Hey friends, do you have the feeling that before you speak English, you have to speak to yourself in your

mother language then translate it into English?

So how we can accomplish the point that speak out English directly without translating from our own language??

I guess what I'm trying to say is how we can think in English?Undecided


05:51 AM Jun 03 2008 |

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forget chinese

05:56 AM Jun 03 2008 |


United States

Pretend that you have an alien friend!  This alien only speaks English, but it wants to know all about you and what you are doing!

Basically, talk to yourself (in your head or out loud, if you are alone!) when you can't talk to someone who speaks English.

Another thing that helps me is to have a picture, motion, or feeling that I associate (connect, match) with the foreign word.  When I think "la tasse" in French, I see a picture of a blue and white teacup rather than the English word "cup".  Think of pictures and feelings to go with new vocabulary, so you think of them rather than of the word in Chinese!

07:15 AM Jun 03 2008 |



I've been trying to do this for a year but it is very hard.

Maybe it is easyer starting reading in English. In this case it's easyer thinking directly in English without you need to translate.

08:54 PM Jun 03 2008 |



United States

Keeping a journal in English is also a really big help!!

12:51 AM Jun 04 2008 |




Is it easier for western people to learn another language from each other? Like American learn French, Italian for EnglishTongue out......       Because there's common point about their language, yes I mean similiar alphabet.


But Chinese is totally different.Our facial muscle was not born to speak EnglishYell 

02:09 AM Jun 04 2008 |



United States

Chinese and English are fairly similar, the grammar is much the same and we both have tonal languages (well, I consider English to be semi-tonal, it's certainly not melodic like Russian or Japanese). Besides, there are lots of ethnic Chinese-Americans, Chinese-Canadians, etc. who speak perfect English :)

04:33 AM Jun 04 2008 |




I think the environment also play an important role. Chinese tends to write and read a lot but could not speak english well. Do you speak english to your friends, your fellow workers. I understand your situation as many of my fellow Chinese workers say the same thing.

I don't agree with you on the facial muscle. It is because you didn't practice and always speak in english. We speak more than three langueges and we do not find any problems as what you said it needs to translate from our own language. You just need to speak up.  

01:35 PM Jun 04 2008 |



you are right, I want to improve my english, but I hv no better way except write, I am so shame to conmiticate when facing foreign ppl, because my enlish is poor, I need to raise my english speaken , can you tell me what should I do?

my job is aboout trade company.

 thanks for your help, need comunicate with you farther.

mid you, my skype is Denker5

02:50 PM Jun 04 2008 |